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"119" fire drill – health Sohu in November 9, 2016, the winter sun, haze cleared. Beijing Shijitan Hospital, CMU in the basketball field, staged a thrilling combat exercise! In the exercise from Beijing Shijitan Hospital, CMU Dean Xu Jianli, Secretary Li Tianzuo, vice president Wang Jiangning, union chairman and Qi Danqing departments responsible person. The participating subjects were fear, fire, explosion, injury incidents of violence. The fire drill by the security department director Bi Hongbo is responsible for the organization and command. 12 noon, fire, anti riot drills began, in the secret security guards were armed with solitaire, fire extinguishers, aerobic equipment operation, all the technical indicators to put out the fire required fire department. Joint exercises against terrorism and injuries. Scenario: emergency duty security guards found a knife wielding criminals into the emergency internal medicine 3 consulting room, the doctor on duty intimidation, emergency, call the emergency room emergency command center. After the alarm, emergency police on duty while maintaining order, stabilize the mood. Emergency treatment of heavily armed SWAT team members rushed to the scene, timely psychological counseling, Chen Ming stake to the gangster, there are problems to be a rational response to don’t go to extremes. Knife wielding criminals simply ignore the negotiations to persuade experts, the situation will be out of control. The scene commander immediately launched second sets of contingency plans, agreed to hold knife criminals all unreasonable demands, as long as no harm to the hostages, the tension in the criminals to ease the moment. SWAT team members perform their duties with the lock pin, fork, shields the knife wielding criminals and the doctor hostage isolated, then a knife control, the safety of the hostages rescued! The explosion-proof drill is even more thrilling, "duty room, duty room, outpatient hall found a suspicious package, may be explosive, lobby attendant security alarm quickly the surrounding personnel emergency evacuation. Processing and technology and the arrival of the secret service process team explosion-proof blanket on suspicious parcels, emergency explosion-proof blanket explosion-proof equipment transferred to the outdoor open area, evacuation. Just listen to "bang" muffled, suspicious package explosion, explosion-proof blanket explosion-proof device to fully play a role. There is no loss of property, and the safety of the sudden and draw a perfect full stop. After the end of the exercise, President Xu Jianli made comments on the activities, and puts forward some work requirements: one is to raise awareness, strengthen hospital fire and anti violence hurt the medical work sense of responsibility and urgency. The two is to take effective measures to do a good job of investigation and resolve conflicts between doctors and patients. Three is to further improve the emergency mechanism to improve the ability to deal with emergencies. "There is no solution preparation with foresight worries, hospital security work would be more prepared for a rainy day. We need to constantly exercise, exercise team, build action can come to war, war and win the strong support team to ensure the continued stability of the security situation of the hospital. (security department, Hong Yang propaganda center, Ruan Qianwei)相关的主题文章: