14 year old boy to earn tens of millions of wealth by speculation-aquaria

14 year old boy who rely on land speculation earn millions of wealth according to foreign media reports, Taunton, Somerset, British 14 year old boy Harvey Millington (Harvey Millington) from the beginning of March 2015 sales tax reminder stickers, earned a total of 100 thousand pounds (about 850 thousand yuan). After that, he used the money as a start-up capital, the purchase of land for resale, and earn 2 million pounds (about 17 million yuan). Harvey was inspired by the fact that his father’s car was stuck on the windshield. He asked his father, "if someone gives you a new one, will you need it?" The father asked, "are you going to do it?" Harvey replied, "I will."." With the father gave him 2000 pounds (about 17000 yuan) start-up capital, Harvey made thousands of photos printed bill stickers, affixed to the windshield of the car, to remind drivers to pay taxes date. He also bought a Mercedes car advertising, advertising language is well versed in the drivers psychological: "cheap than fine tax". One day, he at $4 (about 34 yuan) price to sell more than 1 thousand stickers; more than a year, Harvey sold a total of nearly 25 thousand copies of the paper version tax reminder stickers, easily earn 100 thousand pounds. After obtaining funding, Harvey with 40 thousand pounds (about $340 thousand) to buy a 3 acres (about 1.2 hectares) of land. Soon after, a real estate developer to Harvey bid 2 million pounds (about RMB 17 million), said he would like to buy this land. Harvey said: "at first, I was not sure how much he would bid. But he came with 2 million pounds. It is a great asset to me, and I have no reason to refuse him." Harvey’s father said that his son smart and capable, down-to-earth, is a great businessman. In spite of his amazing business genius, Harvey’s dream was to become a police officer, and he was admitted to the police academy.相关的主题文章: