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149 company three quarterly notice double agriculture three sector as the white horse shares camp sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say on the stocks contest points out 60 million and 149 company three quarterly notice double agriculture three sector as the white horse shares camp reporter Zhang Xiaofeng Qiao Chuanchuan – editor’s note: recently in line with the Shanghai index, the battle intensified, the performance of listed companies growth funds once again become the focus of attention. "Securities Daily" Market Research Center statistics show that as of September 8th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, a total of 1093 listed companies announced three quarter results notice, notice of which 149 companies doubled performance, prosper optoelectronics, orient Seiko, Shilong Industrial and other 8 growth stocks since August cumulative increase of more than 30%. From the industry attribute, animal husbandry and fishery (28.95%), non-ferrous metals (24.44%), electronics (20.25%) and other three stocks in the industry accounted for the top. Today this article especially on the more than double the performance of shares get together three plate carefully combed, mining investment value of leading shares to readers. The three quarterly performance of forestry and animal husbandry 11 companies are expected to double flush according to iFinD statistics show that as of yesterday, animal husbandry and fishery sector a total of 38 companies disclosed three quarterly results notice, 11 of which the company expects the first three quarters of this year net profit doubled, accounting for 28.95%, ranked first in the 28 SW level industry. The 11 companies were: Shin Itoyo *ST, roe Island, Xian Tan shares, day state shares, eagles farming, animal husbandry original shares, bond technology, Huaying agriculture, TangRenShen, Jinhe bio and Angel yeast, is expected in the first three quarters of net profit the biggest increase was 2599.46%, 850%, 833.46%, 665.46%. 607.95%, 581%, 417.67%, 274.42%, 110%, 110% and 100%. During the month from the market performance, these 11 stocks, *ST, Zhang Jinhe bio Island, day state shares and An Qi yeast during the stocks have different degrees of rise, month cumulative increase were 5.72%, 5.48%, 1.18% and 0.62%. Among them, *ST, Zhang Jinhe bio island 11 stocks only 5 days in a large single capital net inflow of 2 stocks, respectively, 71 million 599 thousand and 500 yuan and 5 million 651 thousand and 500 yuan. In fact, these 11 stocks substantial growth performance has also been favored by institutions, nearly 30 days in a "buy" rating institutions in more than 1, the period of Angel yeast, day state shares, TangRenShen, Xian Tan shares, Jinhe Bio Science and technology stocks in the nation and granted more than 5 the "buy" rating. Stocks, as the outstanding performance and Jinhe bio transaction obvious stocks, which highlights the investment? In this regard, Societe Generale Securities said the company business chlortetracycline export led, and have strong pricing power, in the fall, people on the cost of corn相关的主题文章: