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16 year old boy has been sleeping with his mother, leading to sexual precocity is not long – Sohu news "13 year old boy precocious puberty, because of sleeping with her mother."." These two days, a post on the net is very hot. In the post, the boy has a small video hidden in his cell phone, and often dirty his sister’s pants, because he slept with his parents when he was 10 years old. Is that really the case? This week has not started, the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine children’s growth and development clinic is very hot, Dong Qin, chief physician said, to see her children here are almost precocious puberty. She often met some thirteen year old boy, and her mother slept together; some parents love mouth to mouth kiss a child, the child’s developmental effects are quite large. 116 year old boy and 7 year old girl developed ahead of schedule. Yesterday morning, a 16 year old boy was taken into the consulting room by his aunt. At this age, this was the height of his body, but his stature stood at 1 meters 64, equivalent to the height of 13 year old boy. But referring to mom and Dad, his genetic height should be about 1 meters 74. After a check, the boy bone age is equivalent to 17 year old children, took the film, the palm bone suture is basically closed. Dong said, obviously, the child is precocious puberty, parents did not find the first two years, now it is already late. Another 7 year old girl appeared last year with breast enlargement of precocious puberty, at the height of 1 meters, 28, equivalent to 8 year old children. Because of high levels of sex hormones, continuous injections are required for 2 years to suppress sex hormone secretion. Unexpectedly, 3 months later, the family on their own children stopped the needle. Now, when looking for director Dong, the girl’s breasts have increased significantly, bone age has reached 11 years old, no longer grow to 1 meters 58 genetic height. "Precocious puberty has great harm, and the most direct influence is short stature.". Many parents asked me why, but there is no clear answer, but in addition to the environment, food, plant hormones, night lights, film and television stimulation, but also with parents and children sleep in the same bed there is a certain relationship." Director Dong said. 2 sleep and kiss the same bed to stimulate children precocious puberty, the director will ask parents, children sleep well at night. The answer is basically the same: children wake up in the middle of the night, can not sleep, will go to our adult bed, sleep together. "Above two precocious children, I guess there are also such factors. I often meet some precocious children, until thirteen years old and still adults to sleep together. Some boys, like to touch the mother’s breasts, these habits are wrong, it is easy to let children have a strong attachment psychology, but also may stimulate children precocious puberty." Dong director recalled that his son would sleep with his adult when he was a child, but it must be a quilt for a man, and he would not sleep in the same bed. Some seemingly intimate habits can also cause precocious puberty in children, such as mouth to mouth kissing. "I often see pictures of artists kissing their daughter in the sun, which is certainly inappropriate and can cause psychological irritation to children. Usually, parents should not show excessive intimacy when they kiss most of their children’s foreheads and faces." Dong said, in addition, obesity, love to eat animal food children also"

16岁男孩一直跟妈妈同床睡觉 导致性早熟不长个-搜狐新闻  “13岁男孩性早熟,是因为和妈妈同床睡。”这两天,网上的一则帖子很火。帖子里描述,男孩的手机里藏着小视频,还经常弄脏姐姐的裤子,都是因为他10岁才和父母分床睡。事实真是这样吗?   这周还没开学,省中医院儿童生长发育门诊非常火爆,董勤主任医师说,来她这里看病的孩子几乎都是性早熟。她经常碰到一些十三四岁的男孩,还和妈妈一起睡;还有些父母喜欢嘴对嘴亲吻孩子,这对孩子的性发育影响都挺大。   1 16岁男孩和7岁女孩提前发育   昨天上午,一个16岁的男孩被姑姑带进诊室。这个年纪,本是窜身高的时候,但他的个子却定格在1米64,相当于13岁男孩的身高。但参考爸爸妈妈,他的遗传身高应该在1米74左右。随后一检查,男孩骨龄已相当于17岁的孩子,拍了片子,手掌骨缝也基本闭合。董主任说,很明显,孩子是性早熟,前两年父母没有发现,现在来已经晚了。 另一个7岁的女孩,在去年就出现了乳房增大的性早熟症状,当时身高1米28,相当于8岁的孩子。因为性激素水平高,需要连续打针2年来抑制性激素分泌。没想到3个月后,家人就自行给孩子停了针。现在再来找董主任时,女孩的乳房已经明显增大,骨龄也达到了11岁,没有办法再长到1米58的遗传身高了。 “性早熟的危害很大,最直接的影响就是矮小。许多家长问我原因,但目前还没有明确的答案,不过,除了与环境、食品、植物界类激素、开夜灯、电影电视刺激等有关,还与父母子女同床睡存在一定关系。”董主任说。   2 同床睡和亲吻刺激孩子性早熟   看病时,董主任都会问父母,孩子晚上睡得好不好。得到的回答基本相似:孩子半夜醒来睡不着,就会跑到我们大人床上一起睡。 “上面两个性早熟的孩子,我猜测也存在这种因素。我经常遇到一些性早熟的孩子,直到十三四岁了还和大人睡在一起。有些男孩,睡觉喜欢摸着妈妈的乳房,这些习惯都是不对的,既容易让孩子产生强烈的依恋心理,还可能刺激孩子性早熟。”董主任回忆,自己儿子小时候也会和大人一起睡,但一定是一人盖一条被子,不会睡在同一个被窝里。 还有一些看似亲昵的习惯,也会诱发孩子性早熟,比如嘴对嘴亲吻。   “我经常看到一些艺人晒与女儿亲嘴的照片,这种行为肯定不合适,会对孩子造成心理刺激。平时,父母最多亲亲孩子的额头和脸蛋,千万不要表现得过度亲昵。”董主任说,此外,肥胖、爱吃动物类食品的孩子也容易性早熟,虫草、燕窝、人参等别给孩子吃,应该多选择蔬菜和水产类。乳制品也不是越多越好,孩子1岁以后,一天喝一瓶鲜牛奶就足够,绝对不能把乳制品当水喝。有的孩子一天喝五六瓶调制乳、奶茶,这些饮料糖分高又没有营养,一胖就可能提早发育。   3   女孩6岁、男孩8岁要注意性发育   另外,董主任也提醒妈妈们,美白化妆品不少都含有激素,最好别给孩子用,也别让孩子染发。“让孩子每天保证8到12个小时的睡眠,多进行篮球、排球、羽毛球、跳绳、游泳等纵向运动,都对生长发育有好处。”相关的主题文章: