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19 year old girl in Hangzhou to 200 thousand to save his brother on Sunday will return to Yunnan to continue school (Figure) 19 year old girl Sunday to return to Yunnan to continue school the day before yesterday at noon, 19 year old girl Xu Yanhua raise medical expenses for the elder brother, was placed in the streets of Hangzhou to sell "virgin" slogan for help. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the provincial people’s Hospital, found Xu Yanhua’s brother, Xu Yanhong. Previously, Xu Yanhong had told reporters on WeChat, sister left the police station the night before last to the hospital to see him. Brother and sister two people also chatted. Xu Yanhua said to him, I will never do such a silly thing, because I feel very feel shy. The contact they want after disease to help the family Xu Yanhong charity, sister early in the morning to go to Yuhang, because the mother over there and rent, the mother can also take care of her. Usually, the mother will occasionally come to visit him, but because her mother was unfamiliar, was also sitting on the wrong subway, Xu Yanhong is not willing to let mother back and forth. "My sister has made it clear to me that this time it was a spur of the moment. She is going to go back to school on Sunday, Monday." Xu Yanhong said a meal, I do not want her to come to Hangzhou, after all, still reading, I do not want to because of me, and affect them." Xu Yanhong told reporters that there is a charity organization contacted him, the other side needs him to fill out some information with a computer, but he did not fill the device because of the lack of. The cost of health care, Xu Yanhong said, he just paid more than twenty thousand yuan, as the first time the cost of exclusion treatment. There are many follow-up treatment funding needs, he is not allowed to eat. As for the future, Xu Yanhong seems to have been very clear: "if I am sick, should not cook. I’d like to find a job with little physical activity and try our best to help our family." She felt very innocent sister did not consider the consequences for help before Xu Yanhong is a fellow patient in the hospital, is the relief of leukemia girl called Chia Yan ji. "He’s really very serious rejection, has spread to all parts of the body." Ji said. Xu Yan after coming to Hangzhou, because there is no place to live, Xu Yanhong turned to his sister settled in Chia Yan Ji, the sound of the rental house. "After three days, I think his sister is a simple and kind girl." Ji Jiayan told reporters, always feel the way she wants to be naive." Xu Yanhua told her he wanted to save his brother Chia Yan, and other what can be ignored. A few days ago, Xu Yan search a lot of help in the Internet, so just absurd practice out of "selling virginity", did not consider the consequences. Three years ago, it is Xu Yanhua and the success of this pair of siblings with the success of the sister, sister, brother, brother of the bone marrow transplant successfully become a donor. And now, in this high school in the girl’s heart, seriously ill brother has been brave to insist on, so she felt that he had to be brave". Commentator Fang Yangfan said: This is certainly not a special approach to support, not to emulate. The release of any social good will need.相关的主题文章: