2 pterosaur or Rainbow 5 into the China air force will be exported to the Middle East Sohu – Militar-homefront

"2 pterosaur" or "Rainbow 5" into the China air force will be exported to the Middle East Sohu – Military Channel data figure: put 250 kilograms of laser guided bomb pterosaur 2 UAV before. Data figure: the scene of the rainbow -5. Observer network synthesis: the 2016 Zhuhai airshow opening soon, the network has been the emergence of a large number of stages of the filming of "spy" exhibition. UAV is now a fashionable topic, compared with two years ago, China’s UAV products and what progress has been made? We are now through these photos, do not yet a complete interpretation. 2016 Zhuhai airshow will be opened in November 1st, when the Observer reported team will bring more first-hand information from the scene for the reader, please pay attention. The village has a village of merit with domestic UAV, AVIC CAC "pterosaur" series and Aerospace Science and Technology Group in a hospital "Rainbow" who is the "head sign" is a very "hot" topic. In the show, the two seem to have secretly rivalry". Send the latest exhibition to fly into "pterosaur No. 2" UAV Engine, this UAV using domestic -9A turboprop engine, 600 horsepower, can carry a variety of standard military weapons including a 250 kg bomb, the maximum payload of 600 kg. The aerospace science and technology group is sent to show a "Rainbow 5" real machine, compared with the previously published "Rainbow 5" prototype, the "Rainbow 5" (the sign so, may be modified after the formal production in the prototype based on the piston engine) according to the introduction of heavy fuel oil 300 horsepower. In the show, it shows the ability of carrying 16 nuclear missile, from the photo, the inside of the rack to carry 4 missiles is a new missile development of the company, according to previously disclosed information, it may be a small missile weighs only 16 kg, while carrying the the racks are weighing 45 kg AR-1 missiles, it breaks down the load in about 500 kg. In other words, the "Rainbow 5" power "pterosaur No. 2" about half, to load weight and endurance of similar, and the use of heavy fuel oil, can greatly reduce the use cost, especially convenient for countries outside the air force (in the air force, other services use less of aviation kerosene) user equipment use. Moreover, because the heavy oil engine (which is essentially a specially developed two stroke diesel engine) energy density, the use of heavy oil fuel can also increase the endurance time. But, of course, heavy fuel oil and smaller power to weight ratio also brought a series of defects such as slow flight speed, slow acceleration. From the difference in the type of engine, these two UAVs are not the best or the worst. If the United States adopted 900 horsepower turboprop engine MQ-9 "death" is a typical American muscle pickup, then some small power "pterosaur 2" is a light off-road vehicle, and the power of the smaller "Rainbow 5" is a simple small truck. If it is used to pull goods, the road is not complicated, then in fact, these three kinds of cars for users and no difference, the Middle East, big.相关的主题文章: