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A SUV analysis of 250 thousand level and competitiveness of Kroraina Nissan if ask the car city China what models are most favored by consumers, I am afraid none other than the non SUV. Due to the unique China road environment, in the transport process, a lot of friends will be issued to open car chassis is too low, the trunk space is too small a sigh. To say what kind of SUV can seize the memory of the masses? Then I think this car’s appearance and body size will be able to let you shine, it is the main character of this article – Kroraina (Senate, pictures, inquiry). The appearance of new Nissan Kroraina high quality work space of Kroraina is the first new comfortable Nissan design using V-motion language models, which not only inherits the previous Nissan family style, and more prominent personality, especially the huge V trim, impressive. In the details, we can see more V type design, including headlights, side lines, taillights, etc.. On the side, the new car also uses a hidden D column design, so that the roof presents a suspension of the shape, so that it is unique in the same level models. The tail of the new car as far as possible to reduce the linear design, three-dimensional sense of strong. The "boomerang" style taillights with a circle of black line decoration, with the top section of the rear spoiler is black, let the tail of the upper part of the perfect fusion. At the bottom of the car, the car uses a four sided two sided exhaust trim, but also more texture. Kroraina side is also a bright spot, clever side design makes Kroraina appear more dynamic, of course, this dynamic can not be separated from the suspension of the roof of the credit. Interior profile of the interior uses a large number of genuine leather, the work is also more delicate and exquisite, especially light colored interior, sitting in the car can experience a deep sense of warmth. The front seat is large and soft, very comfortable to sit on, leg support is also in place. The size of the steering wheel is moderate, although the function is not so strong, but also to complete the multimedia system, cruise control and computer control. The roof area of about 1 square meters, open area reached 0.44 square meters, a large area of roof using high light anti UV glass, UV filter up to 97%. Powered by two power systems, 2.5L engine maximum power 137KW, maximum torque of 229Nm. Hybrid power system, 2.5T engine maximum power 180KW, maximum torque 330Nm. Motor maximum power 15KW, maximum torque 160Nm. Rich configuration for configuration, the overall configuration of new Kroraina is relatively high, the whole system comes standard with LED taillights, rear window defogger glass, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, a key to start, dual airbags and dual zone automatic air conditioning, the front side air curtain, the driver’s seat knee airbags, ABS+EBD, traction control system, TCS VDC vehicle stability control, HSA, ARP upslope auxiliary roll function, TPMS tire pressure monitoring, ISOFIX child safety seat interface. The two generation of body size and body size of Kroraina competitive models new Kroraina Highlander (ginseng, pictures, a sharp boundary (inquiry) ginseng, pictures, inquiry) long (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) new car) in Kroraina相关的主题文章: