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family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand person’s life will have two pairs of teeth, the teeth of 20 teeth, 32. The time of birth has been ossification of the tooth jaw spore, but not adorable, generally 4~6 months after birth began a adorable baby teeth. Today we share some protection of baby teeth during mom and dad often mistakes, and share some methods of preventing dental caries. A misunderstanding: if the parents let the child lying or holding a bottle lying in the milk, the baby milk mandibular process is bound to reach to hold the nipple, if such a habit, it will cause the entire mandibular protrusion, tooth deformity. If parents often let the baby to sleep with a pacifier, teeth were soaked in milk, the body of the etching dental oral bacteria multiply, causing dental caries in the course of time. Misunderstanding two: deciduous teeth will be less important or permanent replacement of deciduous teeth is not good, difficult to secure permanent teeth. The teeth on the growth and development of children is very important. Complete health of primary dentition can play normal masticatory function, can guarantee the normal growth of permanent teeth and maxillofacial bone development, help children correct pronunciation, to guide the normal permanent teeth adorable, make children get health and lifelong use of permanent teeth. Misunderstanding three: do not feed some hard food when Mom Baby 1 years old baby to cut or boiled rotten broken special special dishes, this is not desirable. When the most adorable baby teeth, you can gradually add to them some hard tough and chewy foods (such as soybean, cucumber, lean……) To further promote the development of teeth and jaw. According to the age of babies should give them time to add complementary, so as to exercise the masticatory function, stimulating a tooth adorable. Sina parenting expert opinion interview children Peking University Stomatological Hospital Department of Stomatology director Dr. Ma Wenli Ma Wenli, director of the Department of Stomatology of Peking University Stomatological Hospital pediatric physician; Director Chinese eugenics Association; Beijing Medical Association technical expert medical liability; Beijing Health Science experts. Non high fluoride area children’s teeth has been proposed since the use of fluoride toothpaste with fluoride can be divided into systemic and topical application of topical fluoridation is the most common way of using fluoride toothpaste. For older children, the amount of daily use of fluoride toothpaste brushing is very effective and reliable measures to prevent caries. In August 25, 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a new guide to the use of fluoride. The "guide" in each stage of the local use of specific recommendations of fluoride is also suitable for Chinese children: 1, in the non high fluoride area, suggest that the children began to use fluoride toothpaste to play since. Fluoride toothpaste for children under 3 years of age 2, each the size of a grain of rice, after brushing let the bubble spit out, the residual is not completely remove plaque intake. Do not have special emphasis on mouthwash, because so little children most instinctively rinse swallow slobber. 3, children over the age of 3 every time the use of pea size painting相关的主题文章: