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3: with the breakthrough, the Nazhi Dragonfly breaking into the mainstream market rules! Sohu – car when the car is no longer a simple means of transport, people have more demands on him. As Na Zhijie "pre conceived, looking beyond" brand concept under the new model, the Nazhi Jetway 3 full account of the young consumers’ pain points and needs, with dynamic dynamic shape design, wide suitable driving space, intimate technology configuration and passion driving experience to break the rules of the market mainstream, provides a better choice as a young man. Yue enjoy the beauty of the visual if the A-class car on the market so that you have some aesthetic fatigue, then may wish to look at the 3. 3 in the design of the Nazhi Dragonfly into breaking wind style design concept, will be "in the pen back to front" design applied to the lamp, and the window body waist line design, in the "wind plastic ink line, atmospheric Tiancheng" the design concept of the appearance become out of the ordinary, very recognizable. Mouth grille collocation sharp headlights with LED daytime running lights, the whole people feel more delicate. Carbon fiber texture design of the front cover is designed to enhance the vehicle in the details of the grade. Sideways by double waist line design, has been extended from the front to the rear of the car, creating a diving posture, give the vehicle a ready sense of movement. And the appearance of echoes is very young style interior design. Leather and imitation design with superior texture of Taiwan suture control collar type cortex coated, effectively enhance the overall texture. Piano paint aluminum panel keys design console button with the control of a large area of the door, and dangba around the place were designed like carbon fiber, the young delicate design style interpretation of the most incisive. Shu Xiangkuan relaxing the Nazhi Jetway 3 body size is 4551mm 1783mm 1551mm, judging from the data, it can be said that the entry-level compact car type leader. 1551mm body height is beyond the height of the body to reach SUV, so sitting in the car, you can have a good driving vision. Thanks to 2620mm wheelbase, 3 general’s wisdom for the rear passengers provides a wide suitable space, regardless of height and weight, you can find a comfortable sitting posture. Such spatial performance, in the same level of the car is undoubtedly in a leading position, and from some data point of view and even reached the level of SUV. It is worth mentioning that, in the personnel security car ride space at the same time, the 3 also specifically for the Nazhi Jierui domestic consumer car habits designed 28 storage space. Among them, the storage capacity of the glove box is the most surprising, the glove box 3 can be equipped with Jetway’s wisdom put down a pair of men’s shoes size 44. Although not a pair of men’s shoes really use code to test the unspeakable truth degree, but I want to touch the side of the glove box does not extend into the half arm is absolutely dead. In addition, trunk storage function superree 3’s wisdom is also very strong, not only the volume reached 470L and the vertical space, can also be easily handling boarding box without lie. If you want to put some large items can also be the rear seat down to meet the loading requirements..相关的主题文章: