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3 year old, age of 7, age of 10, an important turning point for children! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual from the brain science point of view, the child’s brain after the age of 10 is "fixed", so at the age of 3, 7 and 10 years old but not brain development turning point, is to strengthen the potential the golden period. The critical period of brain development in children once missed, even after more talent class can’t do! Want to let the children become more outstanding, will be a good grasp of the three golden period, from exercise the child’s brain potential! 0 years old to the age of 3: the development of the brain instinct during this period, the key to exercise the potential of the brain is to cultivate the basis of brain function – instinct. And to build up after the brain is also very active foundation, focusing on the training of brain cells with the most basic instinct. Before the age of 3 children in the brain, will continue to exist, seek knowledge and find companions instinct. These instincts also make the child’s brain appear to have a variety of characteristics, such as: want to compete, want to imitate, want to do something, or want to become a mother or brother, sister and other people around them. For example, tell the child, "put your toys away."". After finishing, but there is no movement, might as well say: we come to the game who packed up quickly!" Children will start to listen to finishing. Tell the child: "run!" the child is still slow, as suggested: "see who went there." The child will have a fighting spirit. These are caused by the instinct of survival to produce the characteristics of competition, and further trigger the reaction. In addition, although children don’t love cramming hard for a little jam in too much knowledge, learn new things but feel happy, this is because the knowledge instinct had to imitate, want to do some things for the characteristics. To exercise the brain nerve cell instinct, it is necessary to make good use of this kind of want to the characteristics of the mother to become a partner at the same time, but also accumulated a "competition" or "know more" experience. At the age of 0 ~ 3 years old at this stage do not require achievement, don’t think of the children have to do a lot of things? Or there is no better than others? It is important for children to hold the happy mood of dialogue, and often praise children. 3 years old to 7 years old: get rid of bad habits "to the brain will do" this sentence represents the "do not want" mood. In other words, the old love said "wait" child, don’t want to do the brain training active mood, will not start the self reward system; self reward system, thinking and memory of nature can not be brought into full play, and no attempt to carry out in the end, will eventually become the head without a single success. When the child says "wait", think about why the child doesn’t want to do it right away. If there are other things to do, for example, because they are playing games, so to hear to tidy up the room will answer "to do", this kind of condition, can ask the child: "hurry up now, the meal can enjoy playing video, you think to do better?" the coping style is to promote the self reward system to start, let the children take the initiative to say相关的主题文章: