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360 Zhou Hongyi: the explosion of mobile phone no 360 unique technology company chairman Zhou Hongyi 23 PM, 360 mobile phone officially released the two flagship mobile phone security products — 360Q5 and 360Q 5Plus, the main safety protection. Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the 360 companies, the new mobile phone pattern does not need to explode, but a unique market positioning. "Chinese a billion mobile phone users, you cut out in the middle of 1% is 15 million people, to find a target population of 15 million people in it can be." "O P P O music such as mobile phone, high endurance; HUAWEI launched Leica lens; and Mito mobile phone, we found that its hardware configuration is not so high, but it take a function to achieve the ultimate, users are willing to use it as a backup machine; in turn, the definition of the" red rice millet national mobile phone "they want to buy everyone," Zhou Hongyi told reporters in Nandu, the present situation, the magnitude of your hardware in the millions, tens of millions, want to realize the hardware does not make money, rely on the Internet model, he believes that the use of the Internet model to support hardware model is not established. So, they have to return to the heart of the phone, not how much it has to do five million or five hundred thousand, are to be a function of the ultimate. Zhou Hongyi put 360 Q of the ultimate choice on the security of the 5. "In its security based on the advantages, according to security demands of specific population enterprises, business, political, military and other sensitive units, and create an ultimate experience of the product." According to reports, the 360Q 5 launched a non owner authorized by any means will not be able to see the internal private files of the "private" system to ensure payment security "property isolation system, mobile phone stolen after self destruction, and other functions of the" lock desktop system "three system. "Because it has a certain occupation attribute, the 360Q 5 Series in addition to the 360 mall, Jingdong and suning.com mall, Tmall mall and other online channels, including 2B enterprise channel. We have hundreds of millions of corporate and government customers, we are prepared to provide services to many government units, this channel is diversified." But Zhou Hongyi also pointed out that in the past a lot of mobile phone manufacturers seeking government procurement through non market channels, has not been recognized by consumers. We do a variety of attempts on the phone, this time to do this, we also look at, is not only to achieve security, but also the flagship." Zhou Hongyi joked, "we as mobile phone market foresight, but got up early, catch a late set, we also have self-knowledge, not the pursuit of this feeling, after much deliberation, 360 best or safety."相关的主题文章: