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51wan "JX 2 edition" today "beta does not delete files JX 2 web version of Xishan area by genuine authority, adapted from the classic online games" sword net two "51wan 2" version of "JX" after two rounds of testing, finally ushered in today’s beta does not delete files! JX series add martial arts masterpiece, brother Vincent Chiao endorsement game game player evoke feelings; blood PVP play collocation smooth gaming experience, let the game player to play the end of the tour feeling; open test activities constantly surprises, Vincent Chiao Autographed postcard, domineering title game player feedback! In September 8th 10, 51wan "JX 2" version of "officially open beta does not delete files, click jxqy.51wan now, harvest one hundred million martial arts dream game player! Xishanju authorized the continuation of the classic 20 years love series swordsman was born 20 years ago, from the first "JX" to the present "sword net two" "sword net three", derived from online games, Mobile Games and Webpage Game from a single work…… A IP with 20 years of history, what makes it timeless in the evolution of the game player change rapidly in taste? D 51wan "JX 2" version "that is the Chinese martial arts dream gives vitality and this series of works, each works are adhering to the traditional martial arts martial, close to the historical background story design, as well as vivid real-time combat gameplay, so it can accumulate generations of faithful game player. 51wan "JX 2" version of "too, with" one hundred million game player martial arts dream "as the slogan, the idea of making the game, is to this long martial arts dream continue to faster and better way to more people. 51wan "JX 2" version of "the Vincent Chiao connection is not accidental. Shape including Li flying and a series of images of Vincent Chiao from 20 years ago to enter our field of vision, and the same JX series become a generation of martial arts memories. In fact, not only for this generation, in the eyes of many young generation, only the era of martial arts is the most pure, the most classic martial arts. 51wan "JX 2 edition" today "beta does not delete files open loading and athletic experience farewell Caton 51wan" JX version of "2" real-time combat mode and micro design makes the game challenging athletic activities. The great variety of competitive play, can be carried out in single or gang form, can show their strength, and can make friends with the fight fight strategy, in the gang, the game player blood can always be lit. Design of "seamless map" is also "51wan" JX 2 edition "an icing on the cake, the figure free loading, so that when the game player switch map no longer need to wait for loading, go smooth and fast very chivalrous person can always go to the battle. In addition, 51wan "JX 2" version of the "construction of a very large and exquisite world of martial arts, not only elegant layout, brick is meticulous, walking on the map as a game player, through the back of the prosperous streets in Song dynasty. For.相关的主题文章: