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7 month old baby was locked in the car after her mother appeared in the symptoms of dehydration due to rush to buy food Jinjiang, a careless mother actually the baby, alone locked in the car trapped for more than and 20 minutes, the baby began to appear symptoms of dehydration…… More than 9 o’clock yesterday morning, Jinjiang traffic police squadron of police and auxiliary personnel in Jinjiang streets of Qingyang Yingbin Road Renovation of illegally parked vehicles, saw a woman flustered at the side of a car to turn, very anxious. Police stepped forward to ask, learned that the woman more than 7 months old child was locked in the car, and the car keys fall in the car. In the car, the baby has been crying, there have been signs of dehydration, if not to rescue, there may be danger. Upon inquiry, the woman surnamed Peng, because of worry to buy food, I think just leave for a while, time is not long, they will stay in the car. Get off, Ms. Pang had the idea to leave the car keys in the car. And if you go home to take the spare key, back and forth at least an hour, so long time children can not stand. In case of emergency, the police decided to hit the window to save the child, he found the roadside sharp stones, Ms. Peng will let the baby’s attention to the other side of the car, then the vehicle left the window open up small triangle. A few minutes later, the car window is open, but the door is still open, the police found the branches immediately, the car keys hook out to open the door, the baby was rescued. Fortunately, the child after the comfort, emotional stability, no harm. Traffic police reminded: children trapped in the car accident often occurs, it is prone to danger, the driver left the vehicle, we must take the children away, do not leave the child alone in the car. At the same time, please bring your car keys to avoid accidents. According to 1+11. news "Yangzi Evening News": August 25th, Yuxi police station received together with the children trapped in the car incident. The police department in a storm on August 25th at 1 pm to Wuxi District of Huishan city streets within the Company yuxi work, but when you get off due to negligence forget his ten year old son Xu to sleep in the car rear seat, then lock the car, causing his son trapped in the car. A storm off in the car found his son purple lips, stopped breathing, and alarm for help. After 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the rescue, Xu died after rescue. 2 according to the "central broadcasting network": August 14th, Mount Lu district fire brigade received a dispatch command center, located at nine Jiujiang Square shopping center two floor underground parking lot, there is a child trapped in the car, the car is sealed, the air can not flow, the situation is extremely critical. After the fire brigade to guide the child’s parents repeatedly communicate with the child, 2 minutes later, the child found the car keys and successfully pressed the door unlock button, the door was finally opened. Later learned that the little boy parents think go shopping, come back soon, so the child alone in the car, who knows the fun, children will not to press the locking button on the door, when shopping parents came back and found the door open, around the windows are closed, the restless child uneasy in the car, anxious and helpless, immediately dialed 119. Video: my baby thrown into the 3 meters in the courtyard I watch the scene in the live truth truth frenzied thief thief frenzied;相关的主题文章: