8 years only 1 crown! Real Madrid record worrying western media to expose the real reason behind the-3edyy

8 years only 1 crown! Real Madrid is the western media exposed behind the League record for Sohu really sports   western media exposing the Real Madrid less true because of the history of Real Madrid despite the crown was 32 times won the La Liga champions, is the most winning team, but the league has won the Milky Way last battleship to be traced back to the 2011-2012 season, when the team is Mourinho, again ahead of the 2007-2008 season, when the team is Schuster. In other words, in the past 8 years, Real Madrid has only won the league title for the 1 time, where is the problem? Is actually very simple, in the past 8 years, the League against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid two rival achievement too bad. In the other league, perhaps as long as keep stable in the middle and lower reaches of the team will be able to win the championship, but this is not in Spain, because no matter with real competition is Barcelona and Atletico, also can get plenty of points in the downstream side, therefore the words have become very critical, in the past 8 during the confrontation with Barcelona and Real Madrid, competing in the League when the horse is always out of a good enough performance to 2013-2104 — from the beginning of the season, Real Madrid, a total of 12 times and the two big rivals in the league. Only got all 36 points in 8 minutes! In the past 3 seasons, the League 6 times against Barcelona and Real Madrid, Real Madrid 2 wins and 4 losses in absolute Lee, only last season away 2 12014-2015 Season 3 than 1 get home court victories, but these two victories have not helped Real Madrid win the championship. Because they are in the 6 League clash with Ma Jing just got a draw of two, respectively, last season away from the game than the 12013-2014 season away from 2 to 2. The Spanish media said that in the past three seasons, Real Madrid is equal to 10 points with integral negative start of the season, as long as the face Barcelona and Ma Jing, they will inevitably lose points, 12 points each season can only get 2 points. But the strange thing is, at the same time, Real Madrid in the Champions League 4 times and Atletico confrontation, the result is 1 wins and 3 draws unbeaten — if the overtime and shootout scores included, that is 3 wins and 1 draws, the result is Real Madrid won the two Champions league. In the 2013-2014 season, the King Cup final, Real Madrid have 2 to 1 beat barcelona. Obviously, the Real Madrid player’s attitude has some problems, the face does not directly decide the championship, even if the lose will not immediately be eliminated the league, do not go all out, Atletico captain Godin also said: "the Champions League, Real Madrid is a completely different team." Perhaps this is why this season, Zidane has repeatedly stressed that the team must maintain the correct attitude, in the Warsaw legion, David Villa rehl and erval after France coach have pointed out that the reason for the performance of the team is not good enough, because the attitude towards the game problems. This weekend, Real Madrid will usher in the season’s first battle, the visit to Atletico Madrid, the latter due to the season again in the Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid’s sake, must be motivated to want revenge. If Real Madrid can’t come up with the right相关的主题文章: