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90 seconds + know leg knee boots winter standard! To the autumn and winter, almost all the beauty of the girls will own a pair of knee high boots. Overknee boots dressed in the gas field full of bad, neither fish nor fowl. Especially the little girl, want to go through the knee boots, afraid of his short legs could not Hold. Read the small series of today’s article, you will not have such a worry. [or] please loose tight tight, legs must choose package style, loose boots over the knee boots is simply a disaster. From the side feel relaxed, boots, let your legs swollen directly into pig’s trotters. [or] is certainly a light Suede Leather Suede suede good-looking, preferred! Light skin. Generally, small does not love anyway. But no matter how don’t choose the paint style, do not!!! [or] high tube low knee boots. Just like gold sister than knee was about 10cm. It’s a little too awkward for the little girl’s boots. However, the knee is not too low, just stuck in the knee is not good. TOPSHOP UNIQUE that is to see that buy fashionable and beautiful [or] a real wear high heels with their legs to know the tall selected flat, short selection of high heels, I did not say. In the middle is also good, a high short wear are suitable. [thick with or fine] small make up personal feel or thick with more good-looking, fine with the total feeling too woman, not thick with senior. [dark or light color] preferred black. Light grey is good-looking, but light skin is a bit awkward. Dark brown is also okay, but of course not above two colors all-match. Dark green, dark blue is also very good, as long as it is still good in the dark. As for the other color. Uh, please get out of the shoe industry. [note] when these details are Knee Boots collocation, as long as the problem is generally small, collocation. Just over the knee boot is not suitable for collocation long slit dress, to reveal dew does not look good. Gigi changed into a short skirt is much better, there are wood! Even with a short skirt, the skirt is not too long, OP dress is a bit too long, too close to the boots. Into shorts, revealing more leg skin more good-looking. This is also the skirt is too long, the boots are too high, feel the whole body to be connected into a piece, and it was a good match with the destruction here. You see, Gigi is black, even the coat is black. But because of the right skin, it looks a lot better. These items are [can] knee boots is very all-match, but Xiaobian such collocation jeans, really not so good-looking. The best look, or direct light leg wear. For example, most suitable for early autumn long edition T-shirt and long version sweater, direct collocation can. There are long sleeved dress, but also can be directly. Don’t say shorty can’t cross the knee boots, as long as the small said buy no problem. 152cm Duma not wear good-looking. The long version of the sweater and knee boots also perfect weather a little cold you can wear it. Sweater and boots in the choice of color, as long as the following, light colored light, dark, dark! A sense of leisure jacket and women over the knee boots, mix up the effect super good. ~相关的主题文章: