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A 65 year old man beat the eight year old mother mother jinx claims the court as the saying goes: "there is an old house like a treasure". Son and mother this is mutual respect and love, Guangzhou Conghua court recently held a hearing with the special case of domestic violence, the victim was a 85 year old man, and the perpetrator was her 65 year old son. Finally, the man guilty of intentional assault, was sentenced to eight months in prison. What is the reason can let a person of his elderly mother this ruthless hand? One day in December last year, the 65 year old king of the old man to vent dissatisfaction with Liu Apo mother on weekdays, is located in the street to street Conghua District mother home, holding bamboo sticks, bricks, beating on the mother, causing his hand the leg was bleeding. Due to the excessive movement of beatings, Liu Apo’s neighbors came out to check the situation and found that 85 year old Liu Apo has fallen to the ground. Taking into account the king is not the first time the old man beat his mother, Liu Apo other children after deliberation, after the incident to the police. After forensic identification, Liu Apo as a minor injury. In court, the king of the old man argued that his daughter married, because his mother Liu Apo was crying, crying very unlucky that Liu Apo may bring bad luck to the family. Who knows that his daughter was pregnant and gave birth to a child less than a year old died of illness. That is the king of the old man, Liu Apo in his daughter’s wedding day crying for her daughter brought misfortune, which led to the grandson died. The judge has learned that the 65 year old king of the old man in poor health, Liu Apo and their children also said, just want to let the alarm after the king of the old man, Liu Apo is no longer on the implementation of domestic violence, and not really want to put him in prison. The king of the old man won’t promise the implementation of domestic violence to mother Liu Apo. Liu Apo and his sons and daughters also issued a letter to the king of the old man’s understanding. Location: Guangzhou District People’s Court of Conghua: Conghua court held that the defendant Wang old man deliberately deliberately damage the health of others, resulting in a minor injury, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. The victim of the defendant Liu Apo has said the king of the old man’s understanding, the discretion of the defendant a lighter punishment. Sentenced Wang old man guilty of intentional assault and sentenced to eight months imprisonment. The judge said: in many people’s concept, domestic violence is a fight between husband and wife. In fact, according to a survey by the National Women’s Federation, the main victims of the elderly is our family violence. Meet the children of domestic violence parents, according to the provisions of the "anti family violence law", the applicant may apply to the court to protect the personal safety to meet their children; infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, according to the provisions of the "law" to protect the rights and interests of the elderly, the elderly to children’s organizations or local neighborhood request mediation, may also bring a suit directly to the people’s court; to cause losses to the personal rights, property rights and interests of the elderly, children must bear civil liability, compensation for abuse of the elderly; if the circumstances are serious, "inheritance law" provisions of the loss of the right of inheritance, which constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. (Zhou Cong Liu Jiaxing Zhang Ye) the Analects not slightly dissatisfied to family law at any time but manhandled, staring at you.相关的主题文章: