A hotel room in Nanjing is the mirror is on the bed with the police rumor zhongguorentiyishu

A hotel room in Nanjing is installed double mirror is on the bed the police rumor, the original title: Crazy pass a hotel room in Nanjing concealed the truth to the mirror!   Modern Express (reporter Liu Jingyan) in Nanjing, a hotel room in the room was installed in the mirror?" On the evening of November 12th, such a micro-blog on the network crazy pass. Some netizens said that a hotel is located in Nanjing Zhongshan Road, with your fingers against the mirror and found no point distance between the mirror in the fingertips with his fingertips, and the mirror is opposite the bed. However, the modern express reporter learned from the Nanjing police in November 13th, the police after a field investigation and found that the user’s argument is not true, he said the mirror is just the front of the TV cabinet drawer stainless steel decorative panel. User micro-blog screenshot for the content of the user released, there are many users are very puzzled, such a mirror what is the problem?" A few have seen "forensic Qin Ming" and other criminal drama netizen explained that this may be a "mirror", also someone says called "mirror". One side of the mirror is a mirror, and the other is the glass. Some netizens suspect that some people may use this peeping, there may be a camera behind the mirror. Some users believe that businesses may be just to save costs, only the use of such a mirror, and the mirror is unlikely to have a space behind the camera can be used to install. As a matter of personal privacy and security, the micro-blog crazy pass on the Internet, there are tens of thousands of users concerned. Modern Express reporter took the ordinary glass mirror around the test found that there is a certain distance between the fingertips and its mirror, that is, our fingertips can not touch the mirror fingertips". From this netizen hair micro-blog with pictures on the mirror, and indeed our daily use of ordinary glass mirror is a little different. The police for map of Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau network security corps official micro-blog @ Jiangsu police micro forwarded this micro-blog, and that this netizen "will stay, the room information handled by the police, also @ Ping Nanjing @ Qinhuai police" @ Qinhuai release". The evening of November 12th, the modern express reporter also issued the original micro-blog users private letter @ loneliness is a kind of recognition ", asked whether the alarm and check-in information. After a while, micro-blog private letter page display each other "read", but there is no reply. As of 13 am, the name of the user is still no reply, and the cumulative review of thousands of original micro-blog has been deleted bloggers. Police for the morning of November 13th, the modern express reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of someone’s Hotel, which said that the hotel did not install the so-called double mirror, there will be no so-called peeping problem. Currently, they are cooperating with the police investigation. Nanjing Qinhuai police to the modern express reporter revealed that in November 13th after zero, things in the hotel will be reported to the police, because @ loneliness is a kind of recognition "issued after micro-blog, the hotel will continue to receive friends phone, asking what happened, someone even asked, @ loneliness is a kind of recognition" is not.相关的主题文章: