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A large dial cool robot can climb track side of the robot can climb the mountain side of the island, the robot will automatically identify the denomination of banknotes and coins and sorting, and jumped into the corner of the dog, will run fast tracked objects! Yesterday, the Ninth National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Xiamen grand opening, dozens of cool, sporty robot in the center of Xiamen University into the arts, that will be the scene instantly overwhelmed the sense of science and technology". The robot can climb pole will fly over the walls science fiction movies, the life of the robot always climb in every corner of the spacecraft, yesterday the scene of the annual meeting, so that the robot can climb there! At the South China University of Technology booth, senior Chen Yanlin opened the mobile phone in APP, click the "forward" and "Climbing" button, the side of the robot immediately launched a manipulator, fast down the pole to climb, encountered a wall, mechanical hand is replaced by chuck, it can still cling to the wall to move freely. Chen Yanlin said that this robot is used in the multi joint arm structure, flexible movement, convenient control, strong climbing ability, can achieve a variety of climbing mode. In peacetime, it can be used to explore the complex environment. For example, it is free access to the narrow pipe, which is not able to do so, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and other equipment. Moreover, the robot is equipped with a sensor, using Bluetooth wireless data transmission module, and use it for data acquisition and transmission of the dangerous environment, can reduce the risk of manual operation, produce benefit. Automatic recognition and classification of coin denomination sorting from North China University of science and technology of a bus automatic sorting slot machine "is also very noticeable. According to the project designer, North Polytechnic University Student Li Minghu, as long as it will be installed in the bus, when passengers put notes or coins in the slot, the slot machine will according to the different currency automatic classification, sorting, counting and bundling etc.. At the scene, the Herald reporter a few 1 yuan coin and 5 coins into the models, the different denominations of coins were thrown into the chute through different channels, and then enter the corresponding storage barrel. After 1 and a quarter of the notes were put into the model, the machine was able to flatten, identify and bind it into a stack of 5. Li Minghu said that the device is mainly based on the photoelectric sensor and micro switch working principle, through the identification of the size of the coin, the different denominations of coins through the pneumatic devices were divided into different channels to achieve sorting. In addition, the sorting and sorting of banknotes is also the design ideas and methods of mechanical and electrical integration. "Sorting the scattered notes and coins is a cumbersome and time-consuming work of the bus company, automatic sorting slot machine can solve this problem from the source, improve the efficiency and reduce the loss of manpower and material resources." Li Minghu said. Quadruped robot tracking objects can run fast chasing a red ball, it ran to the corner, "stomp" little red ball bounce back, it immediately back to run fast to keep track of…… This is the design of the Nanjing Agricultural University students’ quadruped walking robot, can easily complete this series of actions. It is not a robot, it is better to call it a robot dog, because its appearance and the dog is very similar. Figure of the robot相关的主题文章: