A man holding a pig knife into the shop robbery-w-inds.

A man holding a pig knife into the shop robbery in Taian County in October 18th, a 39 year old man with a butcher knife, a gold shop in Taian County near the Han Qing square in the robbery. Taian County Public Security Bureau Command Patrol Police Brigade police rushed to the emergency scene on the spot will be subdued. 14:20 on October 18th Xu, Tai’an County Public Security Bureau patrol police on duty police received 110 command center, a gold shop in the southwest side of the Han Qing square, someone with a knife robbed. After the alarm, Captain Cui Peifeng led the police rushed to the scene and players. After arriving at the scene, the police see the gold shop staff have hid the gold counters inside, very fear, customers have to run out, there are many people in the crowd outside the shop. Cui Peifeng led the police team and quickly rushed into the shop, I saw a man holding a pig knife, is the shop cashier and shop security confrontation. Cui Peifeng quickly came to the knife in front of the man, the man immediately ordered to put down the knife. But the man with a knife arrogance. In the confrontation between the two sides after a period of time, the shop’s security man with the knife dialogue, the knife wielding man has a relaxing action, he will be a knife on the counter, put his hand into the clothes inside to get things. Cui Peifeng rushed to a quick of eye and deft of hand, a man with a knife, grabbed the right wrist, the forward pulled the police and other players quickly catch up, grabbed the man’s left wrist, they will force the man in uniform. Subsequently, the knife wielding man was brought to the police the police, handed over to the Taian County Public Security Bureau of Tainan police station for further processing. After that review, the suspect man named song Moumou, 39 year old, who lives in a district huiqianlou in Taian county. As of press time reporter, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: