A man in Xuzhou police station door robbery investigation misdeeds (video)-9c8836

A man in Xuzhou police station door robbery investigation misdeeds in July 1st this year in the morning, city police station in Xuzhou city before the door not far away, even a man followed a girl, the implementation of the robbery. What kind of robbers dare to rob in front of the police station? In October 31st, Xuzhou police according to the clues to a way to Shandong Ji’nan, this bold suspects arrested capture. Display and monitor the crime scene in an alley near the Xuzhou city police station, more than 3 points this year, July 1st morning, a girl wearing a skirt just entered the alley, a man comes along, rushed to the girl. In spite of the girl’s struggle, the man finally snatched the bag away from the girl. The girl ran into the police station immediately. According to the characteristics of the appearance of the man, the police all the way to track and found his final foothold in a hotel in Shandong, Ji’nan. After investigation, the police quickly locked the man’s identity and trail, October 31st, in a small hotel in Shandong in Ji’nan, the police will arrest the suspect wang. The investigation, Wang misdeeds, previously because of lewd women children and robbery repeatedly sanctions. He explained that the original is to want to work in Xuzhou, the results of the money spent, thought of the robbery. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Jiangsu city channel. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) man to the police station door robbery police finally captured provinces相关的主题文章: