A number of hotels into the era of mergers and acquisitions focus on domestic consumption upg-nibbuns

Many hotels entered the "post merger era"   focus on domestic consumption upgrade — Finance — people.com.cn original title: hotel into the "post merger era" focus on domestic consumption upgrade Xinhua Shanghai October 6th news (reporter Chen love Wang Hok) recently, the first brigade, as announced the integration of the acquisition of Jinjiang Kang platinum; after China, the first flagship store started trial operation. As a representative of the hotel group of tourism enterprises, have entered the era of mergers and acquisitions". It is not difficult to find, in any case, the integration of the company’s business, these companies have aimed at upgrading the trend of China’s consumer spending, the layout of high-quality tourism products. First brigade Hotel announcement said that in April 2016, Home Inn Group officially became the first brigade Hotel Group Holdings subsidiary. First brigade Hotel, Home Inn information systems, reservation systems and membership system will also be integrated and unified, the integration of this project will be completed in the next 18 to 24 months. First brigade, said the importance of the development of high-end market will become the focus of the new company after the integration of business. The first trip to the hotel announcement shows that the two quarter of 2016, the Home Inn group all hotel RevPAR (average revenue per room) an increase of 3.6%, in the high-end hotel brand, such as Yi and the selection of an increase of 14.3% and 34.8% respectively. Last March, Jinjiang shares of Europe’s second largest hotel group — France Louvre group’s 100% equity acquisition, a number of brands into Jinjiang’s. Subsequently, Jinjiang will focus on Campanile (translation of "Kang platinum") into the China market. According to the relevant person in charge of Jinjiang shares revealed that pay attention to quality, a certain cultural characteristics of the hotel, increasingly popular with consumers, has become the company’s profit growth point. Jinjiang shares have been disclosed in the announcement is not difficult to find, in the high quality of service as the main brand of Jinjiang capital in various types of limited service hotel RevPAR is the highest. As of July this year, the capital of Jinjiang reached 233.17 yuan RevPAR. Industry insiders believe that tourists from the base of view, with the Shanghai Disney Park Park, tourism destination in East China is becoming richer, it also let more domestic and foreign tourists to travel. From the demand of tourists, some tourists from the simple "in-house", upgrade to the requirements of the "experience", in addition to the hotel facilities, health conditions to achieve higher standards, the hotel culture, including bedding color, hotel lobby furnishings, have become an important element in the tourist Select Hotel. In fact, in recent years, the capital operation of the tourism industry is not uncommon, and most cases are focused on a focus on the Chinese consumer demand and upgrade the level of. Following the acquisition of Club Med, Atlantis investment since the Fosun Group recently with Europe’s largest leisure tourism group of Thomas Cook set up a joint venture company, and launched the Thomas Cook on the market (Chinese tomai KUKE) "brand, further cultivating China immigration travel market, provide high quality tourism products. Fosun Group Vice Chairman and chief executive officer Liang Xinjun believes that at present, China entry)相关的主题文章: