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A pregnant mother confession: I just want a boy! To see a lot of people crying! Sohu mother wrote these things, no other meaning, just like a woman, mother is really not easy! Understand your parents’ love, only a mother can really feel the mother hard ~ mom was the world’s greatest, all the praise should be every one of her mother is great mom! For the children all! I was very much looking forward to, she will have a daughter, a beautiful daughter. However, when I was pregnant, when I lay beside toilet vomited zhibuqiyao, I hope from the bottom of my heart, the belly is a boy, because he can see only in the side, patted his wife back, distressed, even need not…… When I was a heavy body, still working as a teacher, when the year package class every day, work at home, just want to lie down, from the bottom of my heart I hope is a boy, he can easily climb the five floor, he and friends can play and sing, he can easily deal with work tired…… When I was in the entire pregnancy, force yourself to eat not to eat, to all the temptation of my delicacy, I hope from the bottom of my heart is a boy, because he can meet their desire…… When I saw my growing fat body, when their weight exceeded 150 mark, when he saw the face more and more freckles, pregnancy belly is more and more deep, swelling of the hands and feet, still see the postpartum yuangun figure, see the loose belly, I very lucky, because is a boy. He just beside the fresh ground to say: "good, is it?" when I feel the pain of production, when the contractions pain hit again, when the sweat soaked clothes and long hair, pain two days and one night I look on the bed, must be a boy, he only needs to worry about, waiting anxiously outside…… When open to the ten fingers to birth, I feel a C-section Taiwan cold, trembling when playing on the anesthetic I kept on the operating table, after the knife after anesthesia pain waves hit, from the bottom of my heart that, thanks to a boy, he only need to worry about the next look, patted his wife’s hand, said to comfort…… When the joy of the child’s birth gradually receded, take care of the children began to appear busy, I am very fortunate, is a son. He doesn’t have to shampoo bath in the hot summer, we should pay special attention to, do not have all day drinking flavorless Tangtangshuishui night several times without feeding, he only needs to enjoy the joy and pride as a father! When I write this article, I am very lucky, he is born a son, my right hand already was commonly known as "mother hand" tenosynovitis, keyboard is a kind of torture for me, and my son will not have to bear it all! When I think of mother and cry on each other’s shoulder when he got married, a tearful farewell parents, leaving his home into another family, I am glad you are a son, because you don’t have to get married after the separation of the parents and, you need not fear the new family with no one, no one love, not to change)相关的主题文章: