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A tough guy tenderness! Wu Jing Xie Nan: good night confession to marry you – Sohu Wu Jing entertainment Sohu screenshot micro-blog entertainment news late last night, Wu Jing released a group of himself and his wife Xie Nan photos on the Internet, and affectionate with the text said: "at this time, you keep wusuowei asleep, I also miss you in the studio! It’s nice to marry you!" This affectionate confession triggered a lot of users have points praise. Xie Nan pregnant things in the body, Wu Jing guixinshijian. In this regard, many netizens message said: "a tough guy tenderness!" This is the most simple confession, I wish you happiness forever". It is reported that the screen screen appears to look quite tough guy image, big man style, but Wu Jing has revealed that in real life, you are not strong, "I was at home very gentle. I said I like a wolf, bared outside, grinning, returning home to lick their wounds, and a charming wife, see his son is a very happy thing ". Once asked afraid wife, he was afraid of his wife "declare in no uncertain terms, is a good thing, if the wife of happiness. Fear of his wife does not suffer, afraid of his wife had a good day, the wife has a good fruit to eat. Fighting with the sky and the ground, that is, can not fight with his wife, or the family is not happy."   相关的主题文章: