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A very original material of bread, I heard that there is a secret inside – and many of the Sohu chowhound Jiaocui cake has a special liking to think of a bite on the crisp snap and crispy taste began pouring slobber today this cake is not only a material parched sesame crisp is said to have some medicinal value we come so thin, but some parched sesame cake made initially in order to help the children medication will frui grinding into powder made of cake because both delicious and can help digestion and deworming generation after generation down to now have more than one hundred years history of production of sesame cake parched flour is very particular about the selection of drought use warm water to go dry wheat grains after fully dry on traditional stone grinding but also with the basket will carefully screen impurities such as bran to repeat eight times after the grain was A yellow flour sister had prepared raw egg and bread made of parched black and white sesame seeds are commonly used ingredients and brittle brittle ductile ductile is not common it is chicken gizzard endothelium can Jianweixiaoshi stomach also joined the cicada shell and MGS etc. can play water laxative effect of clearing the wind and a fine grinding with chicken powder in the flour into the egg white and black sesame powder and grinding good mixing pot into the amount of boiling water to the surface and emit fragrance has fascinated people pulling into a surface agent son is half sister in the double rolling pin become flat and thin also heard over the sesame gabengcui ring a dough round and uniform is very delicate silk feels soft and smooth in the sense of light at or even transparent a See that single grain sesame fragrant such thin cake out what would taste good roll pastry on the hot iron griddle cake on the moment of contact surface beneath the white gas sister experienced will rotate with the original thin pancake Toushun slip crust brittle surface also slowly appear a yellow flower steamed egg fragrance wheat and sesame seeds to suppress turnover continued for about two unable to resist sustain the blows repeatedly to three minutes a fragrant sesame cake is baked parched and heard my sound rang completely off the crisp cake there were a few oatmeal particles chewing up the toughness and toughness in mouth is the thick fragrant smell of coke was very enjoyable according to older people say it can Jianweixiaoshi – sesame cake two or three – parched sesame cake features: parched Jianweixiaoshi, crisp and delicious address: Luoyang City, Longmen Road and long road (formerly Li Tunlu) west of the intersection of 50 meters – Director Li | – the camera | high sword Yuan Zhengzheng Xiangxiang delicacy original, reproduced please contact the background "recommended" authorized people’s livelihood Tesco – authentic Wenxian County tiegun, can buy the stamp above – fresh and organic rice in Northeast of Dao Zhengzong, the more you can buy stamps here it has been a delicacy 1 eat night market season, many people are still obsessed with it on the 2 to spend only 2 dollars, is to eat cakes to uncover the layers of fire? 3 a bowl of mutton soup to drink the secret is not secret, but…… 4 it is drink mutton!相关的主题文章: