After the new Sansha set 390 thousand trees to maintain a high survival rate in Beijing 3u8813

After the new Sansha set 390 thousand trees to maintain a high survival rate – Beijing, China News Agency, Haikou, October 14 (reporter Wang Ziqian) 14 reporters from three Shashi Hainan province was informed that the city four years to three new sand planted all kinds of trees in 390 thousand and maintain a high survival rate, and green coverage rate significantly improved. Three Shashi now has 80 kinds of vegetation distribution and 211 genera, 296 species (including varieties), with edible and medicinal species. The city has to carry out scientific research, analysis of climate observation, soil condition analysis and water quality conditions, planning choose to adapt to the growth of more than and 30 species of reef. Since 2012 the city, Sansha city greening work achieved significant results, a number of islands from barren to trees, only the Paracel Islands Xisha has planted 130 thousand trees, the survival rate reached more than 90%, the island planting Casuarina grow to several meters high, and has been connected with forest. Sansha islands special environment, the ship will be transported to the island after the trees near the sea, and then by the workers with the self-made shallow draft check platform will be shipped to the trees pier, cost much more than the land. Sansha Municipal Committee, mayor Xiao Jie said that although the three special geographical location, planting trees is very difficult, but three people to overcome various difficulties, in the island of afforestation, to realize the combination of construction and development of ecological and environmental protection, make "Sansha sky bluer, the water clearer, more green island". Three Shashi is launching the "Internet plus" trees adoption model, the two batch of 1800 coconut trees have been users nationwide adoption. (end)相关的主题文章: