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Automobiles Serious off-road enthusiasts do not worry about mud or scratches on their Jeeps because they will have a lot more .e the end of the week. They are modern day explorers and adventurers that want to go where no one has ever gone before. They are usually off exploring those caves or driving up that mountain to see how far they can go. When driving unpredictable terrain, the off-road enthusiast does not know the word can’t. You can’t get there by car, you can’t cross that creek bed, or you can’t drive up that mountain. These are all heard as challenges. The off-roader now wants, no, must find a way to conquer that obstacle. To meet these challenges the typical serious off-road Jeeper wants to enhance their Jeep by adding aftermarket performance parts that help them achieve the optimum rock-crawling, trail-thrashing ability. Specialized aftermarket trail performance .ponents are made specifically for each model, whether it is a Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, or Liberty. Accessories are readily available to improve engine performance, vehicle handling, ground-clearance and trail convenience. To increase horsepower there are a multitude of aftermarket upgrades available. Hi-flow air intake systems increase the flow of air to the engine. This allows your engine to breathe easier. The air filter is designed to achieve virtual unrestricted airflow and still filter the air of dust and debris, which not only delivers added power but also helps prolong the life of the engine. .puter chips and programmer boxes are designed to improve horsepower and/or gas mileage giving you the ability to optimize the power of your Jeep. These programmers allow you to tune your Jeep to receive more rotary force (torque) or to customize your Jeep’s limit to allow for faster acceleration. High performance exhaust systems are not installed just to make noise. They increase the exhaust flow of your Jeep lessening the backpressure, which helps to produce more power, and, yes your Jeep will have a deeper, meaner roar to it as well. Suspension lift kits increase the handling and ground clearance of your Jeep. You install taller suspension .ponents (higher lift springs and longer recoil shocks). These systems deliver lift, better articulation, better offroad handling, and allow for larger tires; all this for better off-road traction and handling. Polyurethane mounts and bushings provide better performance and extended wear. Polyurethane transmission mounts replace worn rubber factory mounts, which can lead to hard shifting and sloppiness in the drive train. Changing these rubber factory mounts to the new polyurethane mounts will also lessen breakage when placing high levels of power demands on the system. Polyurethane bushings improve the handling and feel of your Jeep, and provide the necessary stiffness to the body and cab, while maintaining a certain resilience to ensure a firmer ride. An on-board air system offers trailside convenience for the 4×4 enthusiast. It is a .mon practice for trail riders to air down their tires for maximum traction when maneuvering on rough terrain. Having on-board air makes it much easier for the Jeep driver to air back up the tires so their Jeep will perform properly on paved roads on their way back to the city from the off road excursion. High-end performance Jeep alternaters are designed to meet the high-level demands on the electric system out on the trails. They ensure that you will have the power needed for your Jeep’s system. These specialized off-road .ponents mentioned above are just some of the high-end parts that are available to Jeep owners for meeting the special demands from the trails. Contact your Jeep specialist to learn more about these .ponents and others that are designed to maximize the performance of your Jeep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: