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Air quality significantly decreased   Dongguan launched the emergency measures for prevention and control of pollution – Guangdong channel — original title: the city launched the emergency measures to prevent pollution affected by adverse weather conditions in the past week, Dongguan City air quality decreased obviously. In September 29th, the Dongguan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau disclosed that the city has launched emergency measures, out of town of two environmental protection departments hundreds of passengers carried out day and night investigation, prevention and control of atmospheric ozone pollution, the concentration index of pollutants have decreased significantly. According to the environmental monitoring department data, from the beginning of September 21st, Dongguan City air quality decreased, number of days of light pollution, and in 25 days the AQI value reached 150, close to the moderate pollution level. Since then, the environmental protection, meteorology and air pollution emergency working group composed of experts decided that from 27 onwards, the city launched an air pollution emergency measures, the main control factor for ozone. The main measures include: strengthening the investigation and supervision of key regional emissions VOCs key regulatory enterprises; increase the main sections of the yellow car to strengthen law enforcement efforts to investigate the weather; pollution assessment; promote public green low-carbon travel. According to preliminary statistics, during September 27, 28 days to start emergency measures, led the Environmental Protection Bureau and environmental monitoring brigade leading 36 people, divided into 49 inspection groups, dispatched 414 passengers, inspected the 161 VOCs emission enterprises, found environmental violations of 7 enterprises, according to law, investigation and evidence collection. According to reports, since the start of September 27th atmospheric moderate pollution emergency measures, Dongguan air pollution situation has been effectively controlled. Among them, during the period from 26 days to 28 days, AQI index steadily from 203 down to 95, the main pollutant ozone maximum 8 hour average from 281 micrograms per cubic meter dropped steadily to 151 micrograms per cubic meter, the air quality status from severe pollution into good. September 30th, due to the impact of rainfall caused by typhoon weather, Dongguan’s air pollution has eased, the city plans to suspend atmospheric pollution emergency measures. (Huang Shaohong) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: