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Amazon China to be music acquisition? The official said there is a long-term strategic planning – Sohu technology network reported on September 19th Chinese Leidi Lotte Amazon today LETV acquisition rumors respond, said Amazon is one of the China Amazon global strategic focus market will continue in the China market investment and deepening in China’s development. For the Chinese market, Amazon has a long-term strategic planning and firm commitment. Amazon China said, Amazon has built four core business strategy in China, including cross-border e-commerce business Amazon overseas purchase and Amazon global business center, covering paper books, Kindle e-book reader and Amazon e-book reading, Amazon logistics + and Amazon cloud services (AWS). The four core business strategy in China has steadily improved and made good progress." Amazon China also said that Amazon’s e-commerce business in China is to promote the international brand strategy as the core in China, since the end of 2014 has been achieved since the development of a milestone. According to official reports, as of August this year, only China consumers to buy Amazon overseas site the amount of goods cross-border direct mail order has exceeded 10 million. The first half of 2016, Amazon’s overseas purchase sales have reached nearly 4 times over the same period of 2015; Amazon overseas purchase. Since the flash sales on the first anniversary of the line, the monthly sales to achieve the growth of nearly 18 times. Just yesterday, the eco O2O sales platform in micro-blog CEO Zhang Zhiwei said that "a China enough to rewrite the electricity supplier industry event will be announced, since the media has said, LETV announced acquisition of the Amazon is probably Chinese. Amazon China responded yesterday, said: no response, rumors stop wise." Music holding official has not declined to comment. — — — — — — — Leidi net founded by Lei Jianping senior media people, the headline signing authors, if reproduced please specify the source.相关的主题文章: