Amazon raised free shipping purchases to $49-unfccc

Amazon will free shipping shopping amount raised to $49, Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 23rd morning news, Amazon just the average user’s free shipping shopping amount increased by 40%, at least 49 dollars to buy at the site to enjoy free shipping treatment. The company hopes to promote its Prime membership service. After the adjustment, Amazon’s free distribution lowest purchase amount will be flat with the company’s Quidsi, and WAL-MART’s $50 gap is only $1. The company’s competitor Jet’s free shipping purchases amounted to only $35, compared with $25 in Taghit. Amazon did not give too much explanation, but said in a statement, the company will often evaluate the distribution options. But the move highlights Amazon’s desire to attract more Prime members who will receive unlimited two day service, as well as streaming media movies and music services, with an annual fee of $99. It is estimated that Prime members spend about two times as much shopping every year as non Prime members. Prime membership fees contribute about $4 billion to $6 billion annually to Amazon, with membership ranging from 40 million to 60 million. The reason why Prime members are so important is that Amazon has lower promotion and retention costs for them. Amazon in recent years may also be trying to reduce the high delivery costs in recent years. Distribution fees increased by 37% in the fourth quarter of last year to $4 billion 170 million. In percentage terms, distribution costs accounted for 12.5% of Amazon’s revenue in the fourth quarter of last year, down from 10.9% a year ago. The company reduced the free distribution of some books to 25%, but did not explicitly disclose which books could enjoy the policy. (Book Yu)

亚马逊将免运费购物额上调至49美元   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月23日早间消息,亚马逊刚刚将普通用户的最低免运费购物额上调了40%,至少要在该网站购物49美元才能享受免运费待遇。该公司希望借此推广其Prime会员服务。   此次调整之后,亚马逊的免费配送最低购物额将与该公司旗下的Quidsi持平,与沃尔玛的50美元也只有1美元的差距。该公司的竞争对手Jet的免运费购物额仅为35美元,塔吉特为25美元。   亚马逊并没有给出太多解释,只是在声明中表示,该公司会经常评估配送选项。   但此举凸显出亚马逊希望吸引更多的Prime会员,这些会员只要支付99美元的年费即可享受不限量两日送达服务,以及流媒体电影和音乐服务。据估计,Prime会员每年的购物额约为非Prime会员的两倍。   Prime会员费每年约为亚马逊贡献40亿至60亿美元营收,会员总数在4000万至6000万之间。Prime会员之所以如此重要,还因为亚马逊针对他们展开的推广和留存费用更低。   亚马逊最近几年还有可能在努力降低最近几年不断高企的配送费。去年第四季度的配送费增长37%,达到41.7亿美元。按照百分比计算,配送成本去年第四季度占亚马逊营收的12.5%,低于一年前的10.9%。   该公司将部分图书的免费配送额降至25%,但并未明确披露哪些图书可以享受这项政策。(书聿)相关的主题文章: