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The ambulance while lying alive, management of serious dereliction of duty some black ambulance year-round in patients, to attract nearby major hospitals in Beijing have no qualifications, lack of supervision, have brought a considerable threat to the patient’s life and property safety. According to Chinese Voice reported, nearly a month, the reporter visited a number of hospitals in Beijing city survey found that illegal job lying outside the hospital ambulance, not only have the private vehicle, as well as the field of primary hospital regular ambulance. There is a demand that there is a market. After the media had exposed the many hospitals in Beijing black ambulance chaos, the relevant departments have also said it will intensify the crackdown, but the reporter through more nearly a month of the survey found that over the past few years, the black ambulance is still rampant. It also reflects the shortage of pre hospital emergency resources such as Beijing ambulance, inadequate public demand. On the one hand, the black ambulance chaos, really need to strengthen the norms of governance, so as to avoid the patient’s safety of life and property losses; on the other hand, more important is, simply and in the long run, the relevant departments also need to increase the resources of pre hospital emergency ambulance investment, to keep up with the pace of demand growth. And when the regular ambulance enough, naturally it will have an effect on the black ambulance extrusion". But it is fantastic, in the black ambulance, actually also appeared in different places in primary hospital regular ambulance figure. Reporter survey found that two cars long parked outside a hospital of Beijing city car, a car owner in Hebei County of New River workers hospital, vehicle information as "ambulance"; another car owners in Shandong County of Yuncheng seefine hospital, the vehicle information is "the ambulance". In another third hospital Beijing Jishuitan Hospital hospital, a license plate number A letter plus 120 of the car, the inquiry is also a regular ambulance, the owner of the Shijiazhuang higher medical school. As we all know, the management of 120 ambulances, followed by the principle of territoriality. People such as fire, when receiving the local 120 emergency center dispatching command, 120 ambulance 5 minutes to dispatch, reception of critically ill patients, according to the nearby, meet the professional needs, both acute and patient preference principle, critically ill will be sent to rescue medical institutions. One of the functions of the 120 ambulance is in local, timely admissions critically ill patients; secondly, also available from the local hospital to critically ill patients escorted to the off-site referral hospital; but did not cross regional to remote patient admissions this matter far away. The Hebei and Shandong, the grass-roots hospital opened the regular ambulance, not far away, hundreds even thousands of miles to Beijing lie job, long-term illegal engaged in long-distance transport across the region to engage in income generating, if affect the attribution to the rescue of critically ill patients how to do? Who is in charge? National Health Planning Commission, "pre hospital medical emergency management approach," twenty-seventh expressly states: "emergency centers (stations) and emergency network hospitals shall not be used for non hospital ambulance emergency medical services." The Hebei and Shandong, the grass-roots hospital of the regular ambulance, desertions are open for thousands of miles away, how is it regulated? This urgent need to rectify illegal move. For these ambulance affiliated hospital management personnel dereliction of duty, and even abuse of rights to condone the responsibility, more.相关的主题文章: