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Xu Shendong died on the eve of the wedding "ambush" die for the cause – Entertainment Sohu Xu Shen Dong Tian, sweetly Sohu entertainment news by cool media produced, directed by Guo Jianyong, Xu Jia, Liu Tingyu, Tang Xi, Tian Zhong, Jia Zongchao, Qian Xuan, Li Zefeng, Xu Shendong, Liu Naping and other high-quality young actor starring spy war drama "ambush", is Guizhou 19:30 hit TV every night. In the drama has been aired in the drama, Xu Shendong plays the role of Gu Xiaoya and the play of the couple is played by the is a couple of. However, on the eve of the wedding was killed, for the ideal dedication. Xu Shendong first met so gifted scholars and beautiful ladies have sailed the seven seas as Gu Xiaoya is a female reporter, she was beautiful, his uncle is prominent, military and political officials of government. She is resourceful, fear to death in the war period, adhere to the revolutionary practical report. In the fate of the arrangement, a chance to make her and Xiao Hanqian became a couple. Xiao Hanqian Liuyang is born, looks gentle. Can speak Japanese, English, but also has a high degree in architecture, mechanical engineering. In a juntong agent training, Gu Xiaoya and Xiao Hanqian get along in the increasingly rapid increase of emotion. This man has a lot of shortcomings, he was a traitor, a coward. Can he have fun together and he always has a lot of common topic, the pursuit of music chat chat together. In the smoke, the couple, they have a little good wishes, good day is a day". Just wait until the end of Xiao Hanqian training, the two will hold a wedding. The eve of the wedding process was killed is the only unusual Gu Xiaoya and Xiao Hanqian’s wedding day, Gu Xiaoya received a temporary session on behalf of the Chongqing women engage in fund-raising activities, Xiao Hanqian and her mother to go. The results on the way back, the Japanese aircraft bombing of Chongqing, a time bomb in which Gu Xiaoya and Shaw Hanqian mother’s life. In the troubled times, happy life is short. Gu Xiaoya like all in love "Little Women", will have their own selfish, she was reluctant to Hanqian Shaw on the battlefield, it wants to clear the joint, Xiao Hanqian will be transferred to his uncle as a logistics officer of the war zone a. At the critical moment, as an intellectual, she is willing to devote herself to the country. In order to give her "dynamite" (Li Zefeng ornaments) in exchange for a way out, she and his comrades around the RBI, journalist, she is a series of reports "explosive" articles in newspapers, caused widespread public sympathy and support, eventually saved "dynamite" was released from prison. But she is in a good day in the country as the ideal to the satisfaction of all, unfortunately sacrifice. Xiao Hanqian had been removed from combat troops, or in the office, but just like bad news, usher in a bolt from the blue. Grief intolerable occasion, he is unable to get up after a fall, or to return to the battlefield, for the dead wife pay off old scores? Xiao Hanqian will be how to make a choice, let us every night 19:30 Guizhou TV, Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: