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Analysis of outcome of color 2016151 handicap: Iran low water dish – snobbish Sohu         16151 stage victory and defeat color quiz Asia Europe America Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers, the tournament week will be conducted two rounds of competition. Asia World pre 12 finals for the third round, the second round of pre, pre world South America for the ninth round, the previous results as a reference, the strength of each team should be combined with the basic appearance, and grasp the field race team spot war. The victory in Europe refers to as many as seven games support the disc half above the market, there is still some room for selection of bile.         A 01 VS 10   China Syria;         China [78] Gao Hongbo had in the world under the command of a top 12 at the end, carried away people ignore the team has been two former Yang Shuai got not adult, don’t know anyone to smoke to with a team of Chinese was signed on, more do not mind friendly home court is a lost 0-1 Kazakhstan xiongji, the first two rounds of group phase in the face of the strongest team, 2-3 negative Korea and 0-0 main square in Iran, also do not think is a disaster, that is the tragedy of the foreshadowing; come out from the hail of bullets in Syria the first two rounds of 114] 0-1 and 0-0 negative Uzbekistan principal plane of South Korea, at the weakest China goal is 3 points. 2010 before the two teams play against China 2 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses, including the home of the top 1 wins and 1 flat dominant, then what does that mean? Europe refers to 99 with an average of 1.52   3.67 =   equivalent to 6.36 disk main let a ball high water disc potential dangerous 1.04. William Hill: 1.57.   3.60 =   = 1.53 = 6; and Libo 3.80   7   three are easy to lower numerical discretization. Check lottery 10.         02 A Uzbekistan VS Iran     10;       Uzbekistan world 49] the first two rounds of two war two wins 6 points from the top of group A, and two 1-0 respectively against Syria and Qatar, once the subject field in Iran and South Korea to undefeated, basic you can qualify for a scheduled seats; Iran world 43] 2-0 found the first two rounds of Qatar and 0-0 and nausea China team accumulated 4 points ranked second, it is normal. Having a face of Uzbekistan and South Korea will be the key. Uzbekistan track 1 wins and 3 losses, including 2 negative home court disadvantage. Europe refers to 99 with an average of 2.71   2.90:   2.66 or 0.83 disc guest Let deuce low water potential positive plate. William Hill. 2.75   2.88 =   2.70 and 2.80     2.90 Libo; 2.75 increase.相关的主题文章: