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Analysts said the Google Pixel mobile phone shipments to 7 iPhone or 1 30Recode Chinese station reported on October 7th Google (micro-blog), in San Francisco held a hardware conference, rumors of the new intelligent mobile phone, VR helmet, intelligent home devices are full debut. However, in the eyes of many industry analysts, these new Google hardware products for the future of this search giant is still an unknown meaning. This is a hardware conference, Google released almost all products are hardware category. In the software level but it’s really interesting, that is the Google new artificial intelligent voice assistant Google Assistant, because this kind of new artificial intelligent products are changing our values and views for traditional hardware equipment." Recode is a regular contributor to ina – Fred (Ina Fried) said. Moreover, Fred on this "Google" conference with The Verge reporter Lara Gould (Lauren Goode) and The Verge (Dieter Bohn editor – bhoe Meier Dieter) to launch the discussion. Bjo believes that this Google conference is the most interesting product is priced at up to $650 new Pixel smartphone. Unlike Google’s traditional high-end smartphone products Nexus, the new Pixel smartphone is a completely designed by Google mobile phone products. Market research firm Digitimes Research senior analyst Luke Lin (Luke Lin) even expected in Pixel years ago shipments are expected to reach 3 million to 4 million. Therefore, overwhelmed by the success or failure of the importance of Google Pixel can be self-evident. Of course, Luke Lin also reminded that although many market watchers will be sales performance and iPhone Pixel par 7, but shipments in Pixel with the latter will not in an order of magnitude. He said that iPhone 7 shipments this year is expected to be Pixel to 20 to 30 times. Whether it is the battery life of the device or hardware configuration, Google this time there is no excuse to escape. This model because they will set the price at $650 range, which means that Google will stick together with the brand reputation." Bjo said. (Rui Jie) recommended: focus on AI generation micro signal (tencentAI), reply to the "Standford", access to the Stanford University report: artificial intelligence and life in 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: