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Anchor: making the most primitive way watch the original desire to manufacture anchor live show mode started, with the most primitive way you watch the original desire. The reporter | Shi Wei Li Ran     editing |; photography | Yin Xiyuan in "cat’s paw" platform to broadcast fifth times, a man named "Mr. Lee" users sent me a message back. Hello, I am the person in charge of mobile App live platform. I have seen you live before, are you interested in joining other mobile platforms? Multiple choice more development space, convenient to call WeChat?" His account is a blank head, personal ID is the beginning of 149, the number of zombies in the beginning of this number. I was hurt by zombie powder. When I first live, there are 33 users at the beginning of the 149 appeared in the live room, their ranks are displayed as a star. After I talked to myself for a few minutes, not only did not change the number of fans, comments and point praise is also zero, embarrassing imagine. Later, listen to an investor claimed that zombie powder can not be counted in the scope of data fraud, zombie powder is mainly used for the confidence of the new anchor incentives. However, I still choose to keep in touch with Mr. Li, two days later, we met in Jiuxianqiao about the black coffee. Mr. Lee, "I’ve seen your live broadcast before, and actually, the ‘cat claw’ platform doesn’t work for you, consider going to the ‘crazy’ broadcast We can give you a training." The way he talks is straightforward and the conditions are attractive. He wore rimless glasses, his chest hung a string of beads, hand there are a bunch of WeChat, avatar is the study background, looks like the ornamental and the combined plain properties. If there is no early warning, there seems to be no reason not to believe him. Select the "cat claw" live my own considerations. In preparing to write an article on the live reports, I downloaded 5 broadcast platform App, ranked first in the limit of heat users during peak hours of live level, the following 4 users from 5 in the afternoon they could broadcast. "Cat’s paw" has no such provisions, and the filter can also make people color is white. The more important reason is that the Cat Claws founder is my good friend. Second live when he led a congregation of "boy" and "vest" to join, brush a "villa" and a "cruise ship", let me become the evening anchor list NO.1. Total value of the gift of 172211 cat claw coins, or about 2000 yuan. There was enthusiastic fans cut me and "cruise" and "villa" with the picture frame, private letter to me said: "you have to fire!" In order to make yourself look more like a veteran anchor, I had to "cat’s paw" platform for the popular female anchor. She said that in order to enhance the professional degree first from the equipment upgrade, and recommend a Taobao shop, specializing in selling live special 3D background cloth, with the different scenes for the selection, the effect can be deceptive. Background cloth as long as 30 yuan a piece, has a height of 2 meters, with the need to use T background frame. In addition, the less is the light, beauty, cosmetic contact lenses mainly rely on it. Another anchor Susu also reminds me of相关的主题文章: