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Ang Lee: the original film behind the people praise you in this life the most miserable day poster might be a lot of people circle of friends has been the new Ang Lee movie "Billy · the Lynn midfield war" scraper. In November 7th, I do not know the culture of the king’s attention, whether there have been to see the shadow of true love powder? Its clear image, advanced technology, has also become a controversial topic: This is a representative of Ang Lee’s film production of self – breakthrough, or have a fancy technology, cover up the charm of the story itself? Too clear image, whether it will lead to a certain extent, the sense of distance is eliminated, which led to the viewing point of the audience to discuss the scene, but also to make the film earlier to the public concern. Today, the king will take you behind the culture grilled a steak of this film’s original works, the · (Ben Fountain); Fontaine’s novel of the same name "Billy · Lynn’s war" (Billy Lynn’sLong Halftime midfielder Walk). Ang Lee said the director selected works this is no trivial matter, created in 2012 after the novel was published for the parties concerned, known as "the Iraq war version of the" twenty-second rules "," also won the 2012 National Book Award, this century in the selection of the BBC read 12 novels. This novel has just introduced to the mainland, with Ang Lee movie, I believe this work will also enter your reading vision. "Billy · the war in the middle of the battle of Lynn", at first glance, can be seen as a war novel. But unlike the usual anti war theme, the theme of the novel is "life is no better than war."". In a group of Ang Lee’s novels from the Iraq war veteran Billy · said in a firefight in 2005; Lynn and his comrades escaped, and this is escape from death in a great catastrophe, Firefight happened to be shot down. They were recalled to the celebration of Thanksgiving, and the government gave them a medal of honor. And after that, they were sent back to the war in Iraq, for the "intermission"". The story is an 19 year old soldier Billy · Lynn’s narrative perspective, he belongs to the class B brave performance in the battle of the capture by the news media, the 3 minutes of the film made him a national hero known to every family, arrangements to return the honours, in 9 days, immediately went to various places accept the invitation, and the last is the climax in the Dezhou Cowboys Football halftime of home court, pop and women’s Day "destiny" (a member of the most famous performers is Beyonce). At the same time, the Hollywood studios also promised to send their war deeds into a movie, copyright costs one hundred thousand yuan per person, it is really a small figure into a routine type legend hero. However, the 3 minute shot, the film is the truth? Not necessarily. Perhaps, and no one cares. B class looks like scenery, was promoted as a hero, but it is the essence of the government used to promote the idea of war tools for the public, he w相关的主题文章: