Anita Yuen in the field of heart – the first grade son appeared unexpectedly entertainment Sohu-aspack

Anita Yuen in the field of "heart" the first grade son appeared unexpectedly – Anita Yuen and son of   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment Anita Yuen hearing because of work reasons, the absence of "the first grade" first battle group, in order to make up the audience’s regret, Anita Yuen returned to the second phase of the program, with students together. Not only friends to pull William Chan back, even the son of IMPs appeared unexpectedly, gave the audience a huge surprise. Anita Yuen miles also heart night chagang students video for the first time the battle group Anita Yuen absent helpless, because students can not accompany Cobain fight together, and feel very sorry. Although the burden of rehearsal handed captain Cheng Yi’s hand, but still can not rest assured. Please take care of a lot of help not only counselors Sun Yaoqi Cobain students, also invited professional vocal teacher to help students guide. Although everything arranged, but filming traveled thousands of miles away but Anita Yuen Cobain always concerned about the situation of the students. It was revealed in the second phase of the program, Anita Yuen has to work late at night, did not forget to chat with the students training video, pay attention to their game results. Although Anita Yuen is not in training students around, but can still feel full of love for Anita Yuen students. Anita Yuen in the video, face a little haggard, black eye slightly heavier. Netizen "flowers" commented, "Anita sister feel good hard ah, but also worried about the shooting, students at night waiting for the results, not too tired, distressed." William Chan’s Magic fans benefits big run repeated attack "the first grade" second is about to launch, in order to make up the hearts of fans regret, Anita Yuen returned to the second phase of the program, but also brought heavyweight guests, for the fans to send welfare. In addition to the already released Trailer in Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper William Chan, so many fans screaming, and a little mysterious guests coming out. He is the son of Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen. Magic child inherited the fine genes of parents, a small age, but it is a handsome boy looks like. Well behaved sensible, and a cool little devil child will get a lot of attention from birth, before father Julian Cheung live in micro-blog circle appearance, a lot of aunt powder. Users are frequently called to Julian Cheung, asked him to take his son to participate in daddy where. Users want to see the child’s mood on TV so urgent, the magic child accident appeared in the first year, just to meet the wishes of the majority of users. Happiness comes too suddenly, "fan favorite Meng Da said," I did not expect to wait for so many years, not wait until the children to participate in "magic where" Dad, but wait until the "in" the first grade." Handsome guy, MOE baby, Anita Yuen gave everyone the fans welfare, is not some can not wait?相关的主题文章: