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Business How about organizing and celebrating the corporate New Year events at the sizzling Sydney Harbour? You will be having the New Year party of a lifetime as you will enjoy rich wine along with mouth-watering delicacies. Add to it the high octane dance party that is followed by the display of fireworks until 12 am midnight. The fireworks display is the most spectacular part of this event. Over 3 hours long, it features some of the best and unique fireworks to be displayed in the sky that makes it a night to remember. The Corporate New Year Events mainly take place in one of the two elite cruises of your choice that are available in the Sydney Harbour namely the Olympic Storm and the Blue Room Sydney Harbour. The choice is yours of which ocean vessel to choose. My responsibility lies in describing you these two magnificent cruise vessels in as much clear way as I can. The Blue Room Sydney Harbour This air conditioned ocean vessel lets you view the whole of the Sydney Harbour from the roof top deck of it. The dining room is surrounded by walls made of white transparent glass to make you enjoy the 360 degree view of the beautiful Harbour. Provision of separate bar areas is available inside the cruise. The arrangements of chairs and tables are universally arranged as no provision for reserved seating is available here. Let me show you some images of the Blue Room Sydney Harbour. This marvellous ocean vessel costs $550 each for persons aged 18 years and above and $485 each for person below 18years of age. However, if you .e in groups of 10 or more person, then the cost gets reduced and per person then costs $465 irrespective of below 18 or 18 and above. Olympic Storm This is also a similar sort of ocean vessel that is fully air conditioned and has lustrous space and arrangement for holding Corporate New Year Events . This cruise features arranged dining rooms but the major attraction of this cruise is cocktail lounge that speaks about its elegancy by its own. Other facilities are more or less This cruise is a bit less expensive as .pared to the Blue Room Sydney Harbour. The individual adults (18 and above) costs $495 whereas under 18 years of age for each person costs $485. However, if booked for a group of 10 or more members, then cost per person reduces to $465 each. 6 hours aboard for corporate New Year events party night in these luxurious sea vessels will make every member lock the remains of the jovial celebration into their memories for a lifetime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: