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Another method of dundan, you are a French chef! Sohu and ate so many steamed eggs, suddenly want to change a tall on the way to eat Creme Brulee is definitely the best choice on surface of caramel crisp, tender inside is very invagination, milk full of incense, sweet to your heart! Rise of knowledge refers to the use of small pudding baked French baking and roast cup directly to roast cup containing not pour out to eat. It is made of egg, egg yolk, milk and cream, sugar baked, egg yolk and milk as more oil, more oil so baked out of the finished product will be more smooth, taste more soft, but also because of this so it is difficult to release, will direct to roast cup containing edible. Video? Recipe to flavor (chocolate flavor, taste Green Tea) 2 egg yolk 120ml Cream 60ml milk 30g Sugar Salt 3ml (10g vanilla, cocoa powder, 5g powder Green Tea) do 1 bowl. Add egg yolk, sugar and vanilla (this is the original, can be replaced, Green Tea cocoa powder), add salt, stir well. Chocolate flavored tea flavor?? 2 pot add cream and milk, slow heating to 80 DEG C, without boiling. Slowly pour into the bowl, pour the mixture and pour it into the cup. 3 cups in the baking tray (pour water), oven 140 degrees, bake for 30 minutes. 4 cup cover with plastic wrap, medium heat, steam for 15 minutes, cool and refrigerate for 4 hours. 5 uniform surface custard sprinkled with sugar, the sugar roasted with a spray gun, after cooling, the solidification of sugar can be. Bree and Boudin roast or differentiated, egg white Boudin, protein content is more, the taste will be hard. But no Brulee so much protein, egg yolk lecithin are added, the taste will tender a lot. This paper, Cook Guide, Dim video studio delicacy相关的主题文章: