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The road ahead is still far from artificial intelligence — technology — original title: cross in front of the Lu Shangyuan artificial intelligence artificial intelligence, bio technology, virtual reality and other new science and technology integration, will profoundly change the overall shape and life style of human beings. 25, the next 2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum (Science) forum around the theme of the new trend of science and technology development in the future, the experts jointly offered a "imagination to change the world" picture of the future. Yale University, Professor Howard Hughes, Fudan University researcher Zhang Jiang Research Institute president Xu believes that in the past 18 months, artificial intelligence contest sponsored by IBM, AlphaGo go to win the war, artificial intelligence is surprising, and this is because the artificial intelligence simulation in the world’s most powerful computer. Not only that, artificial intelligence is to simulate the process of human brain neural network learning, such as Google in 2014 was 24, by the end of 2015 has reached 60, at present still rapid growth, which goes beyond the biological neural network limited number of layers. Biological meaning of immortality is the eternal life of the body, the future of artificial intelligence machines can learn how to simulate the human self realization of the "soul" of immortality. "Anything that we can do with a robot, and what a robot can do for us, will do better than we do". Ningbo City, state president and chief scientist of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Research Institute 973 Gan middle school believes that artificial intelligence will be gradually moving towards intelligent cognitive network, finally ushered in the swarm intelligence and swarm intelligence makes intelligent holographic. Artificial intelligence to be truly advanced, it must be based on the behavior of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence based on bionic and mathematical logic in parallel with the development of artificial intelligence. Any machine and robot, if you want to gradually close to the human intelligence or even more than people’s intelligence, must rely on a kind of artificial intelligence can produce a mutation in the nonlinear positive feedback mechanism. Rolls, a professor of computational neuroscience at the University of Warwick, UK, Edmund T. is using big data to solve problems in neuroscience research. He is studying the workings of the brain as a machine, which helps to understand the human decision-making and emotional system. The response of the human brain to external stimuli is encoded, the information is independent of each other, and the information and ideas learned by the cortex will gradually grow linearly. Edmund T. Rolls believes that we now understand how the brain works, is only the primary stage, the future challenge is how to fully understand our brain and its operating mechanism innovation in the future life. (Cao Bingli) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Yang Yang Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: