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"Astro Boy" Nara Film Festival seiyuu memories comics division actor Shimizu Mari Tencent astro boy entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) according to the latest Japanese media reports, Japan is currently held in Nara County, the fourth Nara International Film Festival "the stars will release in September 19th, released the film" Astro Boy "of the universe for the brave, Adou Ki. The voice of the water truth attended and recalled the late Japanese comic master Osamu Tezuka. Shimizu Mari first with the voice of Adou Ki and the crowd and said hello: "hello?" I flew to Nara." The film was released in the spring garden of the wild outdoors, but close to the day typhoon rain. Many families are adults with children to see, she said, to be as hard as it did not rain oh!" Osamu Tezuka original "Astro Boy" in 1963 by Fuji comics, television first aired TV animation, about the future of science highly developed on earth, a boy high performance robot up to one hundred thousand HP active in the universe. "Astro Boy" is the universe heroes in the three big screen movie released and re edited into the works. Clear truth after graduation from high school to the actors as the goal to join the troupe, and she also continues to work behind the scenes, she also shared their experiences, when * * * she said: "Introduction to Japanese foreign films, I joined the acting people to read the lines in the theatre work. In order to begin work as an opportunity to voice." "Adou Ki" television animation decided to broadcast on Fuji TV, the original author Osamu Tezuka personally recommend the truth to the water to dub the voice of Adou Ki. Shimizu Mari said: "at the beginning of the story version of the voice of Adou Ki, Mr. Osamu Tezuka said that the voice of the emergence of the Adou Ki, I think I was recognized as a good happy." The fourth Nara International Film Festival will be held in September 22nd closing, including the location of the center of Nara, spring wild garden, Nara County Cultural Center, Nara SunRoute hotel.相关的主题文章: