Audi in the incremental bottleneck champion – Sohu auto hang by a thread shuyue

Audi in the incremental bottleneck champion – Sohu (the Sohu hang by a thread of car car Benz and BMW’s rival Li Huanhuan) by hot make Audi’s luxury car champion in jeopardy. Just the end of October, although Audi holds the first place in the luxury car market, but the gap with its competitors are shrinking, falling into the bottleneck of micro growth pressure. Official data show that in October 2016 Audi sales in China was 47032, up by 0.6%. January to October, Audi sales in China were 487265, an increase of 5.7%. In contrast, the rapid growth of many competitors. Daimler official website data show that in October, Mercedes Benz sales in China was 42224, an increase of 27.6% in the first 10 months of sales reached 387015, an increase of 29.3%. BMW, although not as high as Mercedes Benz growth, but also in the first 10 months to maintain the growth rate of the figure of two. From 1 to October this year, BMW and MINI brand total sales of 423330, an increase of more than last year by 10.2%. The main failure of the model to make the Audi Championship signs of loosening, is its main models A4L, A6L poor performance. In the field of the main battlefield of the B class car, luxury car C car segment, A4L A6L, has always been the leader of the this benchmark model, recently has repeatedly by the opponent. In October, for example, A4L sales 6229, lost to BMW’s 3 Series (7158) and Mercedes Benz C class car (8517). Even news broke the news, Audi A4L wholesale volume in September there have been negative. Audi A6L is another main opponent in hot pursuit. In October, A6L sales of 12362 vehicles, the BMW 5 series sold 11344 cars, is only more than 1000. The reason, Audi with the advantages of China luxury car First impressions are strongest to dominate the market for many years, the number of domestic models, marketing channel coverage areas are ahead of the competition, now these advantages are gradually disappear. Mercedes Benz in recent years continue to expand the sales network, by the end of 2015, Mercedes Benz dealer network has been flat with Audi, BMW, 500 stores can cover up to 200 cities. Beijing Mercedes – Benz sales and Service Co. president and CEO Ni Kai revealed to the media, to develop new market China dealer profitability, including customer service services, financial services, second-hand car business and leasing etc.. These will become the future growth of Mercedes benz. At the same time, Mercedes Benz continue to promote the localization of the project, GLA, GLC have been made, the new E class market, Audi has brought no small pressure. BMW announced this year in the new century Chinese market strategy, will be regarded as the most important battlefield. In our implementation of the new "first strategy" in the process, China is not only the BMW group in the world’s most important market, will also become an important base for our common innovation and value creation." BMW Group Chairman Klug Rue said. In this regard, Audi global CEO Rupert · Shi Ted believes that the opponent is just copying the past, i.相关的主题文章: