Aunt across the expressway Hedong District traffic police knocked when handling the accident are sti-霍金hawking

Aunt across the expressway Hedong District traffic police knocked when handling the accident are still people walking through the scene of the accident two months ago, two people killed across the road, this painful lesson failed to arouse people’s attention. Yesterday, a similar scene staged again, even in the traffic police to deal with the accident or someone to take the risk. Around 11:50 yesterday, the new Expressway East Longitudinal wide routing Hedong District to Hebei District direction, the vehicle hit accidents mouth village of willow street. See reporters arrived, a bicycle lying on the left side of the lane, littered with vegetables and handbags, a woman lying on the ground groaning. Aunt parked next to a Volkswagen car, the front windshield hanging, leaves and other Xinjiang nut cake. From the aunt a little distance, a TOYOTA car front face serious damage. The public car driver the scene just happened is still a lingering fear. According to him, before the incident, he and his wife took two month old children to go to the hospital for treatment of second children. When the car along the left lane, to the incident when the woman suddenly pushed his bike in the middle of the road, the driver brakes. When the car has stopped, did not expect behind the TOYOTA car hit up, the Volkswagen car knocked a few meters away, which led to the public car hit a woman, the front windshield hanging on things scattered aunt on a bicycle. But Volkswagen car driver’s argument has not been recognized by the TOYOTA driver. Police immediately contact 120 emergency vehicles to rescue the woman. The ambulance soon arrived at the aunt to the hospital. Volkswagen driver’s friend arrived later, his sick children rushed to the second children’s hospital. However, in the police deal with the accident, a pair of middle-aged men and women suddenly from the direction to the middle of Wang Chuanchang expressway, two people carrying bags, and in the traffic ".". Through the expressway after two to over 1 meters high in the railway subgrade through the other side of the expressway. Traffic police immediately stepped forward to stop the two people, and inform the other party harm. Two people frankly, anxious to catch up with the time, across the road is also very afraid of their own heart. According to traffic police, non motor vehicles and pedestrians on the Road ban, along the way there are tips. Currently, the cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章: