Aunt will be placed in the gold jewelry bag every day to see an inattentive or

Aunt gold jewelry bag every day to see an inattentive or stolen 61 year old Yao aunt in Zhoushan Dinghai Guanyin Bridge Hotel, to help clean up the room cleaning. Over the past few decades, Yao aunt saved some gold jewelry: two gold necklaces, two gold bracelets, a gold ring and a pair of gold earrings. These things, Yao aunt reluctant to wear on the body, afraid of being stolen at home, put it in the bag, every day will be taken out to see, the results were stolen. In September 27th, Yao aunt alarm said that more than 6 that morning, she saw the gold jewelry in the bag, at 7 in the morning, she went to the room cleaning, put the bag on the floor of a hotel chess room. 2 hours later, she saw the bag zipper is opened, at that time did not care, pull the zipper to clean up. Until 3 in the afternoon, someone looking for her money, she went to the bag over money, only cash stolen jewelry. These pieces of gold jewelry, have their own money to buy, as well as the mother left Yao aunt, she will take out every day to look at. Don’t look, she packed in a small red bag, then a small bag with a black box, black box outside a red bag, red bag and a white plastic bag, outside the white plastic bag is her black bag, can be described as "layers of protection". Yao aunt alarm, Dinghai Jiefang Road police finally locked the suspect a greeting. At the age of 47, he is a native of Daishan, at the end of September from Daishan Dinghai, the hotel in the morning of September 27th, Yao aunt, he saw the room door open, there is a look at the package, found the gold jewelry, moved to steal. Then, he in Dinghai a hit the shop, they will sell 18 thousand yuan. In October 25th, a greeting in Dinghai Zizhu a chess room was arrested by the police. Suspicion of theft, he has been Dinghai police criminal detention.相关的主题文章: