Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Breed

Pets The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog is a robust dog, usually proportions with long legs and ears chopped. Feature called the most distinctive of the race, the race, is the frequent absence of tail. When there is a queue, it is quite short, no more than 10 cm and never docked. The coat is medium length short, straight, dense and hard. The color of the dress is a blue red or speckled speckled. The size is 46 51 cms on the cross for dogs, females slightly smaller. The Australian cattle dog is a related breed which is similar in appearance to the Stumpy, but the Australian cattle dog is proportionally more heavy and less leggy. Cattle tail Matas dog is not the ochre colour in Australian cattle dog. See the article dog terminology for an explanation of the terms. The winner of the Australian kill tail downward dog in England Smithfield cattle dogs, they have been translated in the 19th century in Australia and it crossed with the dingo. Records of dogs are rare in this period of time, and there are several different career development accounts. One is that a drover named Timmins from Bathurst, new South Wales, crossed the Smithfield dogs with the dingo, producing a type of dog called risk work in Winnipeg. In order to mute their dingo characteristics and easy-to-manage, additional dogs crosses were made with the Scottish collies soft, producing speckled red and blue, dogs are often born without tail. In the book a dog called blue, author Noreen Clark made that both the Australian Matas won without tail tail and dog from the same Australian cattle dog stock, so-called rooms Heelers, kept in the 1830s by a large livestock operation led by Thomas Hall. Dogs were also crosses of Smithfield and dingo cattle dogs, but the breeds diverged sometime at the end of the 19th century. The selective breeding of dogs without tail or tail cut fixed feature of the race today. A summary of the two versions of the history of the race is the standard breed Federation Cynologique international. Tail Matas Australian cattle which dog is recognized in their country of origin by the Australian Matas won tail Dog Club of new South Wales and the Australian Council of breeding in the Working Group of dogs. It is also recognized by the New Zealand Kennel Club in its working group and to the United States by the United Kennel Club in the Herding group. Australian cattle dog tail matas was provisionally accepted by the Federation Cynologique internationale in 2005, group 1, section 2: the dogs of cattle as breed number 351. The race can also list by kennel clubs minors, work or herds of clubs of the dog, or inter. based dog registry businesses on and promoted as a mascot of race. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: