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Hardware Progress in the field of technology, especially in the field of Electronics and ICT technology is very fast and has influenced the progress in production processes in industry, there is a demand for the industry is working fast, optimal, the number of production lots and the precision and accuracy of the product as quality demands must be met. To meet these demands not be met if still rely on manual skills and labor to hang the production of human resources has limited resilience to work in a long time, night work, thoroughness and .mon characteristics of the product. Therefore, electronic automation systems currently growing very rapidly both in terms of technology, configuration, and capacity and capability. This system is very universal and flexible so it can be used by small industries to large industries in all fields with the scope of use is very wide and varied. Industrial Automation Systems can be defined as a system with a working mechanism is controlled by electronic equipment (electronic hardware) based on sequences of .mands in the form of software programs (electronic software) that is stored in the memory unit of an electronic controller. In building automation systems industry between hardware, software must be.e a single entity and is a sequential (sequence) or a job is often referred to the stages, which include job development phase of an industry that is prepared from the beginning that includes the planning, preparation, assembly, installation, programming, inspection , .missioning. Automation: can be defined as technology that is based on the application of mechanical systems, electronics and .puters. Industrial automation applications are often made in the form of industrial robots, and robots are the main .ponent of automation technology serves as the executor of the work usually done by labor, human labor. Therefore, the robot is a machine made in the factory so he has the ability and endurance to work continuously tirelessly. Placement of robots in industrial automation application to the present is always evolving, in its application an industrial robot made from simple, such as belt conveyors, beverage filling machines, automatic welding machines to modern robotic applications for the manufacturing of automobiles, aircraft and nuclear power center. Thus the robot can be created to substitute positions both in the production of workers with low skills program or as a substitute for professional technicians with more .plex skills program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: