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Baoqiang Wang: the protection of children left divorce domineering shadow again Tencent entertainment news (Wen Hu Mengying) at a distance of 17 days after the announcement, experienced in the life changes after September 1st, the first day of school, Baoqiang Wang micro-blog once again updated the first divorce positive response, called "to protect children" "again". And with a "split", it seems to be in a good mood. Micro-blog, he said that in the past has turned articles, new life will be launched between the lines full of positive energy. "Today, tomorrow is a trivial matter; this year, next year is the story of this life, the afterlife is a legend! Starting today, I’ll start again! I want to stand up for my children and my parents and my friends who care about me! I will work hard as usual! Give every piece of work to the audience." Micro-blog’s content is also full of thoughts and expectations for their children, but also to protect my children, give them a better education, training into a useful social talent. Thank you for your support!" This micro-blog just less than ten minutes, attracted nearly twenty thousand of users comments: baby see you still blooming with a bright smile, we are very happy!" "Oh! Good oh!" "Always support the positive energy of the baby, look forward to your more and better works!" There are sharp eyed netizens once pointed out that this does not seem to be his home, speculation is the Olympic champion Wang Nan. Not long after, Baoqiang Wang’s good friend, the table tennis world champion Wang Nan Guo Bin also issued a document detailing the husband to divorce from Baoqiang Wang published lost to this process out of the haze, and with the text for good brothers cheer, "is such a situation, completely passed! Beat the dust and walk in the sun!" "Even if this passage, friends OK?" The text of Guo Bin probably involves the following aspects: 1, Baoqiang Wang found Ma Rong derailed time: Baoqiang Wang issued a statement of divorce in the early morning of August 14th, prior to the outside world have already found the speculation Ma Rong has been derailed, forbear. Baoqiang Wang later told the media friends broke the news, he was accidentally discovered in August 13th this day, there is no plan to say. Guo Bin said the original and Baoqiang Wang meet at noon on August 13th to play, but has been to 14 11:40 minutes before receiving the voice of Baoqiang Wang, said there is a thing to deal with. Guo Bin’s argument with the previous friends broke the news of Baoqiang Wang very well. In 2, Baoqiang Wang was very decadent and lost a week: Baoqiang Wang released divorce news, go to the bank to check one by one, and go to court proceedings, to the photo shoot very decadent. But at the same time, also there is speculation the "sell affliction", questioned the bank card how could be a piece of money. Guo Bin said, after the incident, WeChat phone can not contact, lost a week, worried that the suicide. And said that after a week to see Baoqiang Wang, he can not express the decadent language. 3, do not want other children: Baoqiang Wang has repeatedly stressed that their family values, they want children, this is the micro-blog of today is still the heart of a child. Guo Bin also said, Baoqiang Wang said to him, "I have nothing else, it is not important! Just want to have two kids." 4, Baoqiang Wang has already said goodbye to the past"相关的主题文章: