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Bayan County five illegal quarry was shut down without any formalities kept hidden newspaper news (reporter Gao Hongfei) the day before, received a report of Harbin safety supervision department, said Bayan County Shaoling mountain there are many quarries, without any formalities, at night to steal production, there are security risks. The safety supervision department of Harbin by nearly two weeks, hit Bayan County shut down 5 illegal quarry production. The investigation, Bayan County, West Town Mountain Shaoling a total of 5 quarries, respectively Zhijun quarry, Changfeng first quarry, Jetion quarry, Xing Ji quarry quarry and prosperity. Zhijun quarry is divided into 4 mining areas, the first 3 Changfeng quarry mining area, belong to different owners. These mines mixed in a mountain, the boundary is not clear, and lack of coordination, the scene was very chaotic. Spot checks found that 2 of mine has 4 shooting hole phenomenon, mine has broken stone pile, and a car to transport the stone. After inspection, Zhijun quarry no mining license and no security license, and the remaining 4 have mining permits, and no security license. Law enforcement officers were carried out investigation of the mining, and interviewed the owners, the workers immediately withdraw, stop all production activities, and write a guarantee. To prevent these quarries secretly production behavior, law enforcement personnel to take the following measures: first of all is the quarry were sealed electrical treatment; two is chained to all stone machine moving parts mechanical lock; the three is sent by the Bayan County mountain to die to defend.相关的主题文章: