Because of China’s opposition to the United States will not easily deploy long-term strategic weapon

Because Chinese opposes the United States will not easily in Han long deployed strategic weapons according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on October 22nd, because of "beauty seemed to care about China attitude", South Korea and the United States on the strategic asset deployment issues on the Korean Peninsula and nearby waters, over the cycle of disagreement. "The United States seems to be very concerned about China’s attitude," the report said, South Korea, the United States each year routine security agreement (SCM) will be held in Washington on October 20th. At the meeting, the two defense ministers discussed the United States nuclear submarines and strategic bombers and other strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula and the long-term deployment of long-term waters, over the program. But in a joint statement released after the talks, the idea does not include them, but as the future will be created as an extension of the strategic deterrence agreement (EDSCG) in the discussion of the subject. Left Korea seeking, Yin Bingshi, Kerrey and Carter learned that the plan, the weapon system of strategic bombers, strategic nuclear submarines and nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the U.S. strategic command command and control the deployment on the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding according to a certain cycle, in order to achieve the actual effect of long-term deployment. In the event of an emergency, in order to ensure immediate response to North Korea’s nuclear deterrent extension of the implementation of deterrence. However, the joint statement will not be expected to write to the South Korean core matters. "Central Daily" quoted sources said the talks, foreign minister Carter in principle on the South Korean government agreed with the United States, but said "only now the strategy can exert enough ability to contain, if the writing requirements of South Korea in the statement is clear, but it sends the wrong message to North Korea, the error in addition that South Korea and the United States have to do". The Central Daily will also point to China’s contradictory reasons, pointing out that the United States seems to be very concerned about the attitude of china". The analysis of the South Korean government quoted authorities said, "considering the actual effect of China on the Korean Peninsula deployment of defensive weapons against thad dynamics and offensive strategic weapons. The United States is not easily determined so expensive weapons deployment on the Korean peninsula". South Korea was originally looking forward to the Central Daily said, as early as January this year, after the fourth round of North Korean nuclear test, South Korea’s new national party on the proposed autonomous nuclear armed and re deploy tactical nuclear weapons, etc.. North Korea in September 9th fifth round of nuclear tests, but someone proposes to abolish the Declaration on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula claims. In this case, the South Korean government has said "will adhere to the principle of" denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, no change in the original position, it is because the heart of the United States in the Korean Peninsula deployment cycle strategic weapons such as strong containment are looking forward to. Reported that the South Korean Defense Ministry authorities also had to said "no matter what language are written to the circulation of the deployment of U.S. strategic weapons" in a joint statement, "is currently working with the United States for the final coordination, have been working in contact with level agreement", words full of confidence. South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi also mentioned the situation at a press conference, greatly improving people’s expectations. But South Korea’s defense minister, Kim Min Min, told reporters that "this will be discussed in the future (the deployment of U.S. Strategic Arms)," which confirmed that the two sides were unable to.相关的主题文章: