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Before the end of next year in Hubei at or above the county level party and government organs generally set public lawyer learned yesterday from the Hubei Department of justice, in our province this year will be the full implementation of public law, by the end of 2017, government agencies generally set up public lawyer. In July this year, the provincial office, the provincial government office issued the "opinions on promoting the legal system and the Public Law Firm lawyer system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), before the end of this year, the people’s government and its departments at all levels to improve the government’s legal adviser and public duty lawyer system; by the end of 2017, and above the county level Party committee departments generally set up legal counsel, public lawyer. Who can serve as a public lawyer? "Opinions" provides that access to public service certificate of the party and government organs of public officials can serve as public counsel. Public lawyers to perform the duties of the legal adviser of the party and government organs, but also by the unit commissioned by the representative of the unit to participate in litigation activities. In the practice activities, public lawyers enjoy lawyers law and other provisions of the interview, marking, investigation and evidence collection and questioning, cross examination, debate and other aspects of the lawyer’s right to practice. At the same time, public lawyers shall not engage in paid legal services, shall not be in law firms and other legal services part-time, shall not be handled as a lawyer in the unit or litigation other than litigation. In 2014 the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, decided to government agencies and people’s organizations at all levels to set up public lawyers, participation in decision-making demonstration, providing legal advice, promote the work in accordance with the law, legal risk prevention. In June this year, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued "on the implementation of legal system and Public Law Firm lawyer system of opinions", clear government agencies to set up general counsel, public lawyer. In 2003, the Department of justice started public lawyers pilot in some regions and departments. At present, the province’s total public lawyer 211 people, were from the provincial Party committee, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the provincial women’s Federation and other units. (reporter Jiang Hui correspondent Yan An) video central deepen lawyer system reform and promoting the rule of law相关的主题文章: