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Beijing 11 municipal parks during the Spring Festival will check every package of JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ma Jinfeng) yesterday, reporters from the city park management center was informed that during the Spring Festival, 11 municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum will all carry out the Spring Festival theme garden activities, and in 42 the main gate area arrange professional security personnel to implement the park every suspect must check for tourists, will check every package, when the number of visitors at the same time close to the maximum bearing capacity, will open 30 one-way traffic lines in the famous scenic spots, indoor exhibition area at the door, to ensure that the peak period passenger tour order. The electronic eye monitoring the flow of tourists since the new year’s Eve to the sixth municipal park and Garden Museum will be fully launched the emergency mechanism, the door will open area intelligent statistical system, the flow of tourists Park 1000 electronic eye monitoring of key areas, the implementation of monitoring situation of garden populated key door area square, exhibition hall, snow field area. City Park Management Center official said, according to the nature and Park Spring Festival activities of their own conditions, municipal park will implement the park security for tourists in the 42 main door area arrange professional security personnel to carry out safety inspection in strict accordance with the "Municipal Park prohibited articles list", adhere to the "every suspect will be seized, every package will be seized. Security, safe and orderly garden environment. When the number of tourists is close to the maximum carrying capacity at the same time, 30 one-way routes will be set up in the famous scenic spots, indoor exhibition area, Garden Island ramp, important bridge and so on, so as to ensure the tourist order during the peak flow time. Depending on the circumstances, increase the ticket window in addition, in order to ensure visitors orderly garden, city park management center will also set up 1400 security grooming the layout in the gate area, scenic spots, important activities etc.. At the same time, in the important scenic spots and densely populated areas, the establishment of 38 on-site command headquarters, and arrange nearly 4000 on-site grooming personnel to divert. In order to alleviate the tourists long time queuing at the ticket, as the basis of the original 102 ticket window adding window, a total of 54 temporary ticketing cars. City Park Management Center, the first sixth year prompted the public park visitors less, third, the Spring Festival garden activities will enter the climax, and the afternoon visitors were much higher than in the morning, with the conditions of the public green travel peak suggestions. Editor in chief: Sun Ailin SN146

北京市属11家公园春节期间逢包必检   京华时报讯(记者马金凤)昨日,记者从市公园管理中心获悉,春节期间,市属11家公园及中国园林博物馆将全部开展春节主题游园活动,并在42个主要 门区安排专业安检人员对游客实行入园“逢疑必检,逢包必检”,当游客数量在同一时间接近最大承载量时,将在著名景区景点、室内展区门区等处开设30条单向 通行线路,以保证人流高峰时段的游览秩序。   电子眼监控游客流量   自除夕至初六,市属公园及园博馆将全面启动应急机制,门区将开启智能人数统计系统,园内千只电子眼监测重点区域的游客流量,重点对门区广场、展览展厅、冰雪场地等人流密集地区的游园情况实施监控。   市公园管理中心相关负责人表示,针对春节活动的性质和公园自身条件,市属公园将在42个主要门区安排专业安检人员对游客实行入园安检,严格按照《市属公园禁止携带物品目录》进行安全检查,坚持“逢疑必检,逢包必检”,保障安全有序的游园环境。   当游客数量在同一时间接近最大承载量时,将在著名景区景点、室内展区门区、园林岛屿游览坡道、重要地段桥梁等处,开设30条单向通行线路,以保证人流高峰时段的游览秩序。   视情况增加售票窗口   另外,为了保证游客有序游园,市公园管理中心还将设立1400块安全疏导牌示,布置在重要门区、景区、活动场所等处。同时,在重要景区和人流密集区,设立38处现场分指挥部,并安排近4000名现场疏导人员进行疏导。   为缓解游客长时间排队购票,在原有102个售票窗口的基础上视情况增加窗口、临时售票车共54处。   市公园管理中心提示市民,每年初一、初六公园游客量较少,初三开始,春节游园活动将步入高潮,且下午的游客量远高于上午,建议有条件的市民错峰绿色出行。 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146相关的主题文章: